Friday, March 12, 2010

Hopes: Officially Up.

My OB says Baby B is huge. Like, exceptionally large. (I knew this...see?) So she wants to induce. Tomorrow.

I'll be 39 weeks, 2 days. And so, so ready.
I think Baby B and I will have a much nicer, more cordial relationship with him/her outside my womb.

Here's the catch: The hospital has said, "Don't call me, I'll call you." Yep, that old line.
I have to wait (possibly all day) to hear from the Labor and Delivery floor if they have room and man power for my - non-emergency - induction.
I asked my OB how early they could call: 6 am.
I asked my OB how late they might call: two days later.
Isn't that the most terrible thing to do to a pregnant lady?

My hopes are high, although they probably shouldn't be. I talk myself down every time I get those fun little butterflies fluttering around as I think of holding my sweet little one (or big one, as the case may be...)

Hopefully tomorrow I go from this:
To holding one of these:
this sweet photo is only to symbolize the possibility of a boy or girl.

Pray for me?


Alicia Marie said...

For sure praying. For your stats via your last twitter i wold not be surprised if you go naturally...tonight! Can't wait to hear the news.

Sarah said...

Alas, I know your pain!! I had to endure 2 of those (don't call us, we'll call you) things. Horrible. With Kyle I got bumped a day back. I cried. No, I bawled.

I am so excited for you. SO. I will be following your tweets :)

And for the record. I think it will be a girl.

Can't wait to hear the name you choose!!

Best wishes to you momma!

Truly His said...

Praying that you go in tomorrow early!!! and for a safe delievery! They should never do that to a pregnant lady!!

jessica m said...

Oh my! Praying for you! What a cute post and pics! Hopefully SOOOON!

Jamie Willow said...

cute pics!

fingers crossed for an early call!

Annie said...

THEY WILL CALL. Lacey- scheduled at 8 am. Called me at 7. Said come in (I was in labor so this was good). Miles- scheduled for the 16th. Called me on the 13th (a very lucky day!) at 11 am and asked if I wanted to come in (yes, they called 3 days early).

I am betting that you'll be holding your sweet baby in 24 hours. Good Luck and enjoy it. Nothing like meeting for the first time. Love it.

Jennalu said...

Praying for quick and safe delivery on Saturday Ashley!