Monday, March 1, 2010

Flyboy Bachelor - The Blessed Finale

It's over. I feel relieved.

You surprised he chose Vienna? I'm not, because of this. I want to be disappointed and enraged like lots of my Bachelor-watching buddies but I just can't get past this general feeling of apathy. I just don't care.
So what? He's a strange guy. He chose a strange girl. They'll live a strange life together and no one gets hurt.
Tenley probably dodged a major "weirdo" bullet when he decided they didn't have chemistry. She needs to go to summer church camp and find a suitable match.
You know what's really annoying? He's going to be on Dancing With The Stars this season. So, in a mere three weeks we'll be seeing his "I have the longest dimples in the history of the world" smile all over our television sets. And he'll be skipping around a dance floor this time...Yipes.
Can this guy even claim that he's still a commercial pilot? You can't fly and be on reality TV constantly, can you?
Another annoying thing: Ali as the Bachelorette. Oh man...she might not be quite as disturbing as Jake but I'll bet she gets really darn close. Does anyone really like her? If you like her, speak up...tell me why...I need to figure this out.
Annoying thing #3: The "On the Wings of Love" cheese-fest dance at the end was nauseating. Jake choreographed his kiss and Vienna dip - weirdness. I actually think he likes that song!
Random thought: Is the new Bachelorette wardrobe necessity the long sleeved one-shoulder dress? Tenley was wearing one, Ali was wearing one and Molly was wearing one. They're not cute. They're confusing and a little bipolar.
I'm going to try extremely hard to make the rest of this post nice. So here are the good things I can say about our favorite Monday night activity:
Vienna looked really gorgeous in that jewel-toned dress when Jake proposed.
The engagement ring rocked my socks off.
I think the tears between Jake & Tenley were real and I felt terrible for her.
Tenley should go to Disney World and try out to be a walk-around Disney Princess.
St. Lucia is dreeeeeamy.
Vienna has some fabulous teeth.
Jake's mom was adorable and his dad was completely sweet (if a little teary).
I actually think J & V are a good match. Call me crazy.
And there ya have it! Will you be watching Mama Ali take on her "50" bachelors in May?


Andrea said...

SO much to process, can't even handle it so I just don't care! I'd rather see Tenly as the Bachelorette not Ali. Why does ABC do this to us?!! :)

Jamie Willow said...

you crack me up.

perfect ending blog to a blah bachelor season.

and while I will roll my eyes often...yes I will watch Ali...cause I am loyal to the show even if the people are odd. clearly.


I also think J&V work..

are you going to recap the wedding next week? lol

Alicia Marie said...

I was pretty annoyed with Jake by the end. He deserves a super annoying girl. I don't watch DWTS, but will NOT be watching Jake. Too much annoyance for my liking.

Ali is ehh... I don't plan on watching it, but i also didn't plan on watching Jake...

I hope Tenley finds a great guy. She would be amazing to watch dance. I might actually watch DWTS if she were on it.

I am so glad this season is over...

Bethany Patrice said...

#1) I'm not an Ali fan at all. She has a superiority complex..I never did like the way she was about Vienna.

#2) Vienna and Jake match. They're weird. I was glad to see Vienna had touched up her roots.

#3) My sisters and I call those "Tarzan" dresses. ICKY ICKY POO.

Maegan said...

Even though I had read the spoiler, I wanted there to be an awesome twist.

I thought Viennas dress was a pretty color but, I dunno looked like the statue of liberty to me. and HER ROOTS. Come ON!

What realllly made me throw up a little was when Jake said that Vienna was his baby on the after show. Yuck! She IS a baby..thats why!

Mrs. B. said...

Ugh...her ROOTS! How could I have missed blogging about those?! They're terrible.
Mr. B. was like, "See, she has roots, why are they so bad?" (I'm always complaining about getting my roots touched up.)
I said, "You want me to be VIENNA?! Are you kidding?!"
He said, "Well...I don't know, I thought it was okay, she's on TV."

If everything on TV were okay we'd be in trouble...

Lyndee said...

I look forward to watching Ali. She needs to get married and have children which will modify her personality greatly! Mine did for me! I was mad at her til she admitted she was wrong. I am also glad a camera person is not following me around recording all my remarks and strange faces. Jake is still a good guy in my book. The show is hard to walk out. Could you keep the secret and get that close to that many and not get a bit confused??? I would be insane and settle for "eenie meenie miney mo". That is what I did in real life anyway and it turned out fine. My big irritation is that they never talk about anything important in front of the camera. That truly is the worst flaw. We only know what the gossips and tabloids said about Vienna. Her dad likes her she can't be all bad!

Sarah said...

I am still hung up on Vienna's eyes. I ONLY watched the finale. What's with her eyes??? Like she has a minor case of lazy eye or something....

I actually googled "Vienna's Eyes" today to see if there were some explanation. I did.