Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I Love My Sister...

An online conversation with my little sis:

Mrs. B: I am feeling so much better today. Here's what I've done so far: Panera for "stones" and coffee w/ the kids, bread outlet shopping, grocery shopping, library. Seriously? I couldn't even get my bootis off the couch yesterday. Praise Him.

Sister: channing tatum & i are good medicine! i am SO glad that you're feeling better :) love ya.

Mrs. B: Channing...ahhhh...
Maybe I could name my kid after him?

Sister: ick. no. beck & channing..? sounds like trying WAY to hard.

Mrs. B: :) Okay. I'll stick with Cody.

Sister: cody wayne. perfect.

Mrs. B: puke.

Sister: it even has a girl version...dakota.

Mrs. B: dakota wynona

Sister: ooook. that's the UGLIEST. i have to go now...ew.

Mrs. B: :)

(Decode: The word "bootis" is our childhood code word for "butt."
My kids call scones "stones."
We saw Dear John this weekend, hence the Channing Tatum reference.)

Don't you just love your sister?
She's the one that just gets you.
And knows exactly what gets under your names included.

Mrs. B, Evie and Sister - December 2009


Laura said...

I've always wished I had a sister, you lucky duck. And you happen to have the coolest sister out of anyone I know. I love you, Al.

Alli said...

i wrote in my 'journal' about you last night, ash.
about how grateful i am for someone that loves me through all of my ickiness and appreciates all of me that is good.

i love you too, sissy.

Sarah said...

I have always longed for a sister. I have one brother. I still like him though! :) Just not the same as a sister.

Annie said...

that's so sweet. I am guessing you're having a little girl (at first I thought boy, but now I am going with girl), and Evie will have what you have!

Bethany Patrice said...

this is so precious. sisters love one another even though they KNOW one another :)