Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smokers Cough

You know what's really lame? I've been dealing with a nasty smokers cough for the past week. It's the long, raspy, "that pregnant lady should really put away her smokes" kinda cough. Completely unattractive and, more concerning, uncomfortable.

The worst part? I haven't ever taken a puff of a cig and here I sit hacking up my perfectly healthy, pink lungs.

Mostly, what I want to say is, I feel like poo. (I just wrote "poo" on my blog. Ick.)


Annie said...

hope you get better pronto. are they inducing at 39 weeks?

The Arnold Family said...

At least you didn't write pooP. Then you would be stooping to my level.

Hope you feel better. Will be praying you are rested, well and healthy for the baby's arrival [this week].