Monday, February 22, 2010

Flyboy Bachelor - Women Tell All

Quite the entertaining show tonight. Where to begin?

I think I laughed more in the one minute montage dedicated to Tenley than I have in this entire season. Here are some of the comments the girls made about her:
"Really sweet girl but she like...almost fell out of a Disney movie."
"She eats rainbows. That girl is always high." (I may or may not have conveniently edited this comment to make it more appropriate...)
"That girl is floating on twinkle toes. I think she might dream in cartoons, just sayin'."
Cracking up. They were right on.
Then there was game-player Elizabeth who actually won some points for me tonight. "Boo Elizabeth" is right.
Michelle is still quite creepy and clueless about the entire thing.
I'm glad Ali saw a little bit of her cattiness toward Vienna and made a little apology. (Although, I guess I'm a little bit "pot calling the kettle black" considering I had a lovely time Vienna-bashing last week.)
And Rozlyn. Oh my. I'm not even going to try to delve into that whole mess. It was ugly...a look she obviously takes many pains to avoid. Didn't believe a word that escaped her glossy lips.
And that's it! All we have is next week and the final rose. Are you relieved or saddened to see this season of our favorite guilty pleasure end?


Jamie Willow said...

I will be glad when this season is over...I have semi-enjoyed it but am hoping for the next spin around the block to be better...but who knows.

Lance and I were laughing at all the Tenley comments too! and then the blooper real with all the funny pilot stuff had us dying...

it was nice to laugh for a change. wish they would have edited this season to have some of that fun stuff in it..we may have been able to stomach the other stuff better...

Rae Nolt said...

I'm ready for it to be over. All over. Sad to say but I have come to not like Jake...or any of the girls! They need to make it more happy.
LOVED the bloopers...that made me laugh. The thing about Tenley...OH MY! LOVED it!