Monday, February 1, 2010

Flyboy Bachelor - Episode Five

Sigh of relief. Things are looking up. Up, up, up. No one was unbearably annoying. No one had a complete breakdown. No one asked outright for a kiss and been utterly shut down. Life is good on The Bachelor.

Tenley & Jake

These two seem like the most natural match to me. She's sweet, he's genuine, there's chemistry and depth. Some of the questions they asked one another on their 1 on 1 date were really good. I was absolutely impressed with both of their answers.

Ali & Jake
I'm still totally annoyed with and turned off by Ali. Although she skipped the 'mom' bit this week, her little Vienna speech about "it's not personal" and "we're just so different" was gag-worthy. Didn't believe it for a second.
Also, the boots with the blue dress? Hideous. Shoulda asked the 'Wardrobe Consultant' for a little advice.

Jake & Vienna Question: What is it that he sees in this girl? What? Mr. B. said (yes, he watches with me occasionally) that maybe he sees his absolute opposite in her and that's what's drawing him. Pushy, presumptuous, outspoken, tasteless...sounds good.

Jake & Gia
I'm actually starting to really like these two together. Part of me is a little surprised that she's not just another pretty face. (Admitting: she's a stinkin' swimsuit model...I was sorta hoping she was brainless.) But her family looked a little "scary New Yorker" in the previews for next week, so we shall see...
Corey. Sweet girl. Good morals (yay). Just less chemistry than desired. I wasn't surprised with his choice.
Here's a confession I've got for ya:
I've read I know what's going to happen. I know who he picks and I'm puzzled. I wont write it here in case you're anti-spoiler...which I usually am but my blood pressure can't handle the insanity of The Bachelor so I read ahead. Don't judge.


Rae Nolt said...

I told my friend, Leslie, last night that their clothes are driving me insane. Then, we talked about Jillian and how cute she ALWAYS looks. So cute. CANNOT HANDLE the style this year. Ugh.
The girls--they are getting better, I think. Hope the show keeps going up! Not down...

Jamie Willow said...

IMO Jake is a protector. That is a role he likes. Since Vienna is so picked on I think it makes him want to protect her...kind of like he wanted to protect Jillian. I think if all those girls hadn't taken the time to inform Jake of their Vienna troubles and opinions he probably would have still kept her around for a while but not gotten this far. I could be wrong but that's what I think.

I am beyond annoyed and over Ali. That is the kind of person who is nice to your face and mean behind your back. To me that is worse than someone who is in your face (like little miss vienna, her I could handle). Being two faced is a terrible quality. I was especially annoyed at her last night as well when she acted like she wasn't annoyed when so far all she's talked about is how much she doesn't like V. That means she's not only two faced but she lies. yuck.

The girl who got sent home, the one whose name I never remember...not a shocker there. zero chemistry...they tried. it just wasn't right.

NY girl is pretty and considering she's a swimsuit model I can't quite figure out how she plays the "I used to wear glasses and be a nerd" card so well. lol. I guess swimsuit models can be insecure too :) she is nice. I like her.

I love Tenley. She would be a fun friend. I think they are a really good match...I wonder if the divorce thing is a bigger hang up for Jakey than he is letting on. ? hard to say. I think she will go far!

and that is my novella of opinion on the girls!

I definitely think the lack of "group" dates helped eliminate the awkwardness. Jake was not good at dating lots of women at once...which I think is a good quality in a man ;-) hehe

Jamie Willow said...

maybe I should have written my own blog on this that was so long :)

Momma Z said...

I too read the spoiler and also am deeply puzzled and perplexed.

Mrs. B. said...

Jamie, I agree about Jake being a "care taker." He's very nurturing and that could be his downfall in this. I really really don't see he and Vienna lasting. I think he's blinded by the persona she puts on in front of him and her "I need you to protect me" vibe.
I really liked him with G. last night. But there might not be much substance there. She's a total city girl and he's a country guy at heart.
A lot like Lance. :)
And Tenley - well, I like her lots. I'm just not sure she's got "it" for him.

Kayla said...

Well...I read ahead too! I couldn't stand it. I had heard on the radio who he picks in the end, but I didn't want to believe it. I am shocked and annoyed. I am ready for this season to be over :-( Bring back Jillian!