Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Shopping :: Hanna Andersson & Robeez

Hanna Andersson is my very favorite baby/kids clothing company. Let me tell you, their clothes last There's something magical about these outfits - they grow with your kids. Beck had an outfit of theirs that he wore for about 8 months in his first year...that's unheard of with a baby! They grow out of clothes in about 2.2 seconds flat. He even wore a few outfits that were my little brother's from when he was a baby about 18 years before. Still bright, still fresh looking, still adorable.

Here are some of my favorites of their newer lines:

My two very favorite things:

The pilot cap - so sweet.
The Swedish Moccasin.
You need these for your baby.

Another favorite company of mine is Robeez. Although I've had more of the Target knock-offs than the actual Robeez brand and they're good too.

Girls choice:

Boys choice:

I wanted to say, these "Baby Shopping" blog posts have been much more fruitful than I ever imagined. I've already gotten some amazing gifts of BabyLegs from some adorable girlfriends (yay!!) and the promise of a Sophie the Giraffe from my sister in law.
So so fun.
Thank you, friends.
(Soon to come: An "I looooove my girlfriends" blog post.)


Courtney said...

Those clothes are adorable! I cannot wait to have children so I can dress them all cute!! :)

Jamie Willow said...

those girl robeez are adorable!!!!

...and Sophie is in hand and waiting to be delivered in person :)

Annie said...

The only thing I've ever had from HA is the sweedish moccasins. We loved them.

I always have bought Isabooties for my kids. You can wash them in the washing machine and they look brand spanking new even after months of wear. I bought one pair for Lacey and she wore them from 3 months to 11 months. It was AWESOME. Miles is on his second pair. I swear by them.

Redbird Rachel said...

Love love love the blue with brown dots!!

Alicia Marie said...

I LOVE Hannah Anderson. We have a HA outlet close by and they are by FAR my favorite pjs and clothes. I even got a great pair of primigi sandals for $15. Their clothes are so classic and mostly organic. Hopefully you will get LOTS of fun HA gifts. I need to get up to that outlet soon!(However, the matching "Mom" clothes...not so much...)

a.m. said...

This makes me think of you introducing me to H.A. on our joy-ride to Chicago. Bebe B #3 is gonna be so adorable in these get-ups!