Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Shopping :: Baby Gap & A Wrap

More sweet baby things that just make me itchy to hold my Sweet One:

Witty little onesie from Baby Gap.
Pink knit hat with ears...I love hats with ears. Also from Baby Gap.

My wonderful seamstress mother is in the process of making me a couple of wraps and slings for babywearing. I was never much of a babywearer in the past but that's because I wasn't a proud owner of a quality wrap.
The wrap above is a Moby Wrap.
She's also making me one of these.


Jamie Willow said...

oh are you just dying to find out girl or boy so you can load up on the pink or blue delightful things of your choice?!

the nice thing about not knowing is you get to explore all the white delightful outfits...those are my favorite either way :)

love that first clever and cute :)

I think next time around (if) I will be a major baby wearer...I just now started dabbling and I love it. I wish I'd done it sooner.

jessica m said...

Oh i just loved the moby i was able to borrow from a dear friend of comfy and snuggly with baby in tow! Wish i'd have done this sooner too :)