Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yeast + Flour = Magic

photo by Molly Wizenberg of the beautiful blog, Orangette.

In the past few days I've been in the kitchen a lot. My form of nesting.
I've made bread. Lots of it. This one and this one.
It was my first attempt at real bread. You know, the kind with actual yeast and kneading and rising? I've made quick breads before but never yeasty bread.
I'm hooked.
Hooked and loving it and getting chubbier every minute.
The dough actually felt alive in my hands.
Which I guess it was since the stuff I was using was called "live yeast."
The pushing and pulling were so one of those strange stress balls but with a much better outcome once you put it in the oven.
My question for you: Do you have any bread recipes to send my way? I'd love to get into make even more bread.
My preference would be the yeasty kind, but if you have a fabulous non-yeast bread recipe, do tell!


Annie said...

no recipes here, but i will say that my husband makes bread from scratch and i've never seen him use a recipe. I am amazed every single time.

Anonymous said...

a book I bought has a whole method so you can have fresh bread dough ready to go at anytime in the frig and bake it up without all the mess.
Let's try it....I was just looking at it last night to buy the supplies! m

Lyndee said...

There is a great book from the 70's or so - The Tassajara Bread Book from some great commune. It might be available and boy it was all bread...great tasting and varied recipe's.