Friday, January 29, 2010

Frivolous Friday: Total and Utter Canadian Cuteness

Friend, Andrea from Worley House blog sent me this link today. She thought I might be interested. Might? Implying "maybe" or "maybe not?"
Okay, I'm, so utterly (shamefully?) interested.

Ed and Jillian's Engagement Photo Session:

Does it get any more flippin' adorable than this? They're crazy cute...

...cute and kinda sexy too.

And they sure do clean up nice.

Isn't that fun?! Don't you want to just hug them and pinch their cheeks?

Remember when The Bachelor was (semi) normal and you weren't afraid for every characters fragile mental state?
Remember when the fashion was to-die-for?
Remember when the kisses weren't cringe-worthy?
Remember the good old days?
Do you?

In other Bachelor news: Molly and Jason are going to air their wedding on TV.
I sorta don't care. But I'll watch.
Thanks, Andrea, for the fun, Frivolous Friday inspiration!


StephG said...

Just what I needed to boost my *blah* Friday!!! Thank you!!!

Rae Nolt said...

Those pics were amazing! LOVE THEM...and that season. Oh to go back!

Lyndee said...

Oh fun! They are a good looking couple for sure!