Monday, January 18, 2010

Flyboy Bachelor - Episode Three

Something about this season of The Bachelor is hitting me as a little desperate...a little trying-so-hard...a little train-wreck.

I'm not sure if it's the strange girls that are involved or the intensity of Jake on this journey. But things are definitely hard to watch and much less care free than the Jillian days of The Bachelorette. It's kinda not fun to watch. Am I allowed to say that?

Vienna seemed to be a big topic for tonight's show. I really don't see what's so controversial about her. Maybe it's the editing or the camera crew not getting her catty side or maybe the other ladies are making up stories about her being a hard character to get along with...whatever the case, I don't quite get it.

I actually thought she and Jake had a pretty strong connection on their bungee date. (Although that looked really uncomfortable...all that gyrating and bouncing along; very uncoordinated.)
I still think her eyebrows are much too thin. It makes her look eerie. Put the tweezers down and back away slowly.

I really liked Ali in the first two episodes but she decided to take on the mother hen role tonight and get all up in Vienna's business. I think that's unflattering. She lost some points in my book with all the reprimanding she did.

Tenley seemed to be one of the only normal ones. She came clean about her previous marriage (yay!) and seemed to win a little bit more of Jake's heart. I actually really like her.

I didn't see any chemistry on the Ella/Jake/son trio date. None. Yawn.

The goners:
Elizabeth just didn't get it that Jake saw straight through her ridiculous manipulation tactics. Tease was exactly what she was and he caught on mighty quickly. (Good boy.)
Earth to Lizzy: he wasn't saying you had to kiss him in order to get a rose, he was saying you had to be real.

Games: He's not into them.

Michelle was caaaareepy as always. Her dreams of a first kiss with Jake, complete with hair pulling, writhing and gnashing of teeth was scary. It so did not pan out the way she was hoping. Pure and utter relief when he sent her packing.
Is this season a little twilight zone and hard to watch or am I just hormonal? (A distinct possibility.)

Is there anyone in the bunch that could be a good counterpart for Jakey-Jakey-Eggs-and-Bakey?


Jamie Willow said...

ROTFL at your Jakey Jakey eggs and bakey knick

I'll come back and reply more later...just know that I am NOT pregnant and I agree! so it can't just be hormones :)

Maegan said...

I've been waiting for your take on tonights episode. I agree with Ali. I was disappointed that she felt the need to get into the middle of the Vienna drama.

I too don't see what the big deal was with vienna. I thought her and Jake had a great date. I saw chemistry. I thought ut was a bit much for all the girls to attack her on the group date. That would har turned me off too.

Oh and the best decisions were getting ready of creepy Michelle and the nanny. Both were crazy manipulators that needed a reality check!

Rae Nolt said...

Ugh. I can.not handle this season. I feel on edge the WHOLE time. The girls are TRYING WAY too hard. Maybe it's cause they are women and on Jill's turn...they were guys and expect for a few, they were nice and fun.
I agree with Vienna saga. I think it's how they edit it. They NEVER showed us the parts DURING the drama. JUST the group attacking her. They got mad that she came home and told them about her date? Really!? Like no one else has done that?
Ali...please. She drove me nuts. Elizabeth...I wanted to punch her. She is SUCH a tease. Michelle...ugh. So glad she is gone. I can't wait to see next week's to see the TWO that DO NOT get roses. WAY TO GO JAKE! Don't keep them around if ya don't want them!!

Lyndee said...

Jake doesn't get to have fun yet. Hope he gets them pared down to what he can handle and enjoy the journey more! I liked his date with Vienna and felt like they had a connection but the other girls may have poisoned him or she might be so hurt that it affects her ability to be herself. Too bad but Tenley and Gia might have something to offer although that remains to be seen. Corey was wicked in her cheap shot at Vienna in the comedy routine so I lost respect. Jessi hasn't had much development as a character yet. I really didn't know that tall brunette he threw off with Elizabeth but she didn't stand out either. I hope something new happens soon. Drama is tiring. I like it in CSI but not so much on Bachelor!

* said...

I do not even know if I can watch (or bare) it any more!!! No one is nice or wins my heart... but love reading your blog! :)

Jamie Willow said...

I said I'd come back...but i really have nothing new to pretty much summed it up as did your other commenters :)

I still like watching though...I also can't tear my eyes away from train wrecks. lol.