Monday, January 4, 2010

Flyboy Bachelor - Episode One

It's Bachelor time!
**Insert squeals of delight here.**

No shortage of good blog dishing material in tonight's episode. Overall impression of Jake's 25 possible love matches: R U N A W A Y, J A K E. Run far away...

Especially from her:

(thought she was cute at first...mmm...less and less cute with each tear that fell.)

...and he might want to steer clear of this one:

(a self-proclaimed terrible driver and a girl who takes her frou-frou dog to sidewalk cafes? Nothankyou.)

There were a few promising prospects:

My friend, Maegan said she'd only hire her as their nanny if they had a blind husband. Loved that. So true.
She's stinkin' gorgeous and plays football.

Seems like a perfect match for the Mister. Sweet and simple a little like apple pie.

She has to be my #1 girl at this early point. She's like apple pie too...but with a little something extra. Apple pie a la mode, perhaps?

Some notes:
Loved the trip-over-the-heels and fall-into-arms moment.
The landing strip comment had me blushing.
I'm feeling wary of the southern single mom, something's not setting right.
S I L I C O N E.
Yay for the Jillian & Ed cameo.
Soooo ready to find out what the drama is...ready and maybe a little apprehensive.
Jake might just be the King of the Perfect Response. No?
Your favorites?
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Jamie Willow said...

Those producers tried to spice Mr. Apple Pie himself up with some tarts. that is my quote. use it is you would like :) lol

I second your top choices.

I second your bottom choices.


This show made me want to buy clothes. Lots and lots of pretty shiny clothes. sigh...

Mrs. B. said...

Jamie - Are you the person said you'd only hire the nanny if hubby were blind? I couldn't remember! Haha. :)

And "yes" to the shiny clothes. Yes and yes and yes.

Katie Beth said...

I thought the dresses were hideous. They looked like they were all made by the same designer who had bag and bags of sequins to throw all over different loud fabrics! What do I know, haha.

I like Elizabeth and Ali, the rest terrify me. The crazy crier was looking great with the flying bit out of the limo, but then it as like WOAH, RELAX. And the psycho whose daddy has bought her 5 cars, all of which she has crashed - yeeeeeeah, boot her, STAT. The jealous one, I can't remember her name, she's going to be interesting to watch. Rozyln, the hot blonde that looks like Scarlett Johansson is fun to look at, but she's way too hot for him. I see him with a girl next door type, someone pretty and fun.

This season is going to be very interesting.

Jamie Willow said...

nope...Meagan said that, it made me laugh out loud and then agree completely. Well said!

The dresses tonight were a bit much, it was more the clothes in all the previews and future looks and the pre show stuff that had me drooling.

Jillian looked great as usual! :)

Mrs. B. said...

Okay, we're totally on the same page, girls. The dresses were sunglass worthy...muuuuch too bright and "trying too hard." And the guy's girl that said all the ta-ta's out to play were disturbing her was right on the money. Put 'em away. ;)

The best dress there was worn by Ali - the yellow, strapless number that she ripped when she tripped. Loved that she said she'd keep it and always say, "This is when I fell for you." Suuuper cute.

Why did everyone choose to wear long, Miss America gowns instead of the cute little, sassy frocks Jillian chose? I don't get it, short and sassy is so much more "in" than the long, sequined things that showed up.

Katie - I toatally agree about Rozlyn. I think she's too "polished" for him.

I'm going to give Meagan the credit for that quote ASAP. ;)

This is going to be a fun season, I can tell!

Rae Nolt said...

I think this is the 1st time I cringed over and over and over again with the 1st show. Ugh. These poor girls...I BET as they were watching the show last night the GIRLS were sad at how stupid they looked! Mrs. B...I'm with you on the top picks. Very cute girls...and Michelle...she is NUTS.
BUT...what a great way to start a great season...
Also...did anyone think Jake was a bit awkward too? He always seems just a TAD awkward always...

Maegan said...

like I said on FB my top 2 are Ali and Tenley. I forgot about Michelle..yeah. Pshyco!

I agree with the southern mom..something is off. oh and Rozlyn? Pretty but totally on the show for publicity only. Looks like her modeling career wasnt taking off like she wanted so she joined the show.

I completely agree with the dresses. It looked like Senior Prom up in there.* said...

OOOH! What a 1st night! I can't get over how CLUELESS & desperate all these women are. But I guess that is why this show was created.... to show how CRAZY women are. :)

PROM 2010 just happened last night. yep. sure did. i couldn't get over some of their dresses. I mean, really? I have never seen so much cleavage in all my days.

This is going to be a good season. I can't wait to see what the secret about Elizabeth is... Will there be a female "Wes" in the bunch? :)

Alicia Marie said...

I agree with your top picks. I liked Tenley the best than Ali.

The dresses were so Miss America beauty pageant. It was like a contest to have the most annoying dress.

While Jake is handsome, he is just so....vanilla. They better show more of those abs cause his personality wasnt drawing me in.

I still secretly hoped that it was a joke and Reid would come out....

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Ok, not to sound like a snob but with no TV it's been refreshing the last couple years to steer clear of this show but I tell you what -
tonight hubby is working late, I am exhausted and praying for that twinge that says, "this is it, call the midwife"...
based on your hilarious post I may have to "sell out" and watch this on the internet tonight all cozy in my way too large maternity jammies
hope my self esteem can handle all thoee perking boobs
Love your blog - always mean to put you on my sidebar - doing it now.