Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 in Review

This post from one of my favorite blogs, Are So Happy, inspired me to create my own mosaic of 2009.

1. Sweet Evie as a brand new 2 year old. January.

2. A trip to The London Tea room for tea & scones. February.

3. Dyed my hair red. Short-lived. March.

4. Missouri Botanical Gardens gorgeous tulips. April.

5. Mr. B. and Mrs. B. take a vacation to Jamaica. May.

6. Beck plays brook-side at the Missouri Bot. Gardens. June.

7. Celebrating our freedom as Americans. I find out I'm expecting Baby B. July.

8. Apple picking and eating in late August.

9. Beck turns four September 1st.

10. A fairy-girl named Evie on Halloween. October. (Photo taken by my friend, Ashley.)

11. Leaf-jumping in November.

12. Get-away to South Carolina's Hilton Head Island. Evie turns three on December 17th.


Andrea said...

I love the idea of a year in pictures! adorable ones too!

Jamie Willow said...

so sweet :) great photo choices!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I am so addicted to those collages - and for those of us "running out" of free blog space - very handy indeed.
How 'you feeling?
Midwife said any minute over here in Illinois.