Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mmm Hmm.

I really want to make these. Are you surprised?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Floor Plan Saturday ~ 11th Edition

Ladies and Gents, I give you Villa Montana. Another floor plan from

I'm usually not a big fan of the Spanish style, but this one caught my eye because of its unique entry and interesting nooks.


Stories: 2
Total Living Area: 3343 Sq. Ft.
First Floor: 2249 Sq. Ft.
Second Floor: 1094 Sq. Ft.
Bedrooms: 3
Full Baths: 3,
Half Baths: 1

What I want you to see is the Loggia. I looked this word up because I've never heard of it before. It's an Italian design element and it basically means a portico or area open to the elements on one side, with some sort of support beaming, and closed in by an interior space on the other. I really really like it. This is how you enter the house, the living room is on one side - accessible through a series of french doors - and the court yard is on the other side.

Here's a photo of it:

Isn't she lovely?

I also love the grand hall and the dining room overlooking the courtyard. The little wine cellar is a nice touch. The master suite is situated on its own, private little courtyard. The only downside I can see to that is: where would you let the dogs out? Surely you don't want them roughing up your glam front court yard - not to mention the kids.

There is a second master on floor 2 and each bedroom has its own outdoor space. A terrace here, a sun porch there...what's not to love?

Here is a rear photo of the home:

I know. These photos are excruciatingly small. So, if you're really into delving into the home plans, click here for a larger view.

What do you rate this home? I give it a solid 4. There are some quirky elements's Spanish and I don't love that. But all in all, it is really pretty fab.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Frivolous Friday: Total and Utter Canadian Cuteness

Friend, Andrea from Worley House blog sent me this link today. She thought I might be interested. Might? Implying "maybe" or "maybe not?"
Okay, I'm, so utterly (shamefully?) interested.

Ed and Jillian's Engagement Photo Session:

Does it get any more flippin' adorable than this? They're crazy cute...

...cute and kinda sexy too.

And they sure do clean up nice.

Isn't that fun?! Don't you want to just hug them and pinch their cheeks?

Remember when The Bachelor was (semi) normal and you weren't afraid for every characters fragile mental state?
Remember when the fashion was to-die-for?
Remember when the kisses weren't cringe-worthy?
Remember the good old days?
Do you?

In other Bachelor news: Molly and Jason are going to air their wedding on TV.
I sorta don't care. But I'll watch.
Thanks, Andrea, for the fun, Frivolous Friday inspiration!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yeast + Flour = Magic

photo by Molly Wizenberg of the beautiful blog, Orangette.

In the past few days I've been in the kitchen a lot. My form of nesting.
I've made bread. Lots of it. This one and this one.
It was my first attempt at real bread. You know, the kind with actual yeast and kneading and rising? I've made quick breads before but never yeasty bread.
I'm hooked.
Hooked and loving it and getting chubbier every minute.
The dough actually felt alive in my hands.
Which I guess it was since the stuff I was using was called "live yeast."
The pushing and pulling were so one of those strange stress balls but with a much better outcome once you put it in the oven.
My question for you: Do you have any bread recipes to send my way? I'd love to get into make even more bread.
My preference would be the yeasty kind, but if you have a fabulous non-yeast bread recipe, do tell!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog Love - Parisienne Farmgirl

I have something for you: A new blog to love.

Check her out, she is magnifique!
So is her cinnamon swirl bread, which I made this morning and positively had sit down to swoon for a moment while I ate it...

So what if it's almost gone and I've been the only one privy to it's whereabouts?
So what if I slathered every slice with butter?
So what if I have to make some more later this week?
So what?

Wordless Wednesday - Belly Pic Edition

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Petit Bookshelf

I started a new blog...I know, I'm a nut.

This one highlights our favorite children's literature. So, if you're stumped or your bookshelf is lacking and you have chickies between the ages of 0-5 years old, peek in at The Petit Bookshelf and see what books we're curled up with.

For the more mature tastes in the crowd, stop by The Insatiable Reader.

What can I say? I love my books.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Flyboy Bachelor - Episode Four

Question: Would you girls hate me if I stopped watching this miserable excuse for a guilty pleasure? I'm so over this.

Every Monday night I come to the couch and settle in expectantly with a chocolate peanut butter smoothie (I have to share this recipe with you) or cupcake or massive cup of steamy hot chocolate and convince myself that tonight's episode will surely be better than last week's; how can it not be? never is. It's always worse.

These chicks are miserable. They're not intriguing or winsome or intelligent or anything a desirable woman should be.

The only one I can sorta stomach is Tenley. And then I remember...her name annoys me so I don't like her either.

Vienna is a silly, unsophisticated mess.

Ali is a bossy, control freak disguised as Apple Pie.

Gia is a toddler wannabe with her "carry me through the vineyards" date.

Corey is a wall-flower. (I had to look her up to even remember she is still in the running.)

Tenley is cute, but a little fakey-smile and glassy-eyed. Although, Jake can be that way too, so maybe they're a good fit.

I'm not going to quit watching or blogging about this train-wreck but I have to stop blogging about this tonight. I just hit "play" on my DVR recording of The Barefoot Contessa - watching this in an effort to calm myself before bed time. Ina is so not lame.


Listening to this gem of a compilation from Starbucks:

Being totally and utterly transported from Midwest Mommy dish washing duty
to the magical land of gay Paris.

images from flickr: snugglemuffin

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Phantom Belly

Mrs. B. - 32 weeks pregnant.

I'll share more from my maternity photo shoot soon. On a day that isn't Sunday.
My fabulous friend/photographer?

Check her out on flickr too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sushi and Waffles.

image from slow like honey.

Well...not together. But, you know, side by side. Or one after the other.

Really, the desire is quite overwhelming.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Well...maybe not completely "wordless."
Two words:
Can't Wait.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inspired Images

I've been updating my tumblr account a lot more lately. Need some inspiration? Click here for some beautiful sights.

ruby press

Monday, January 18, 2010

Flyboy Bachelor - Episode Three

Something about this season of The Bachelor is hitting me as a little desperate...a little trying-so-hard...a little train-wreck.

I'm not sure if it's the strange girls that are involved or the intensity of Jake on this journey. But things are definitely hard to watch and much less care free than the Jillian days of The Bachelorette. It's kinda not fun to watch. Am I allowed to say that?

Vienna seemed to be a big topic for tonight's show. I really don't see what's so controversial about her. Maybe it's the editing or the camera crew not getting her catty side or maybe the other ladies are making up stories about her being a hard character to get along with...whatever the case, I don't quite get it.

I actually thought she and Jake had a pretty strong connection on their bungee date. (Although that looked really uncomfortable...all that gyrating and bouncing along; very uncoordinated.)
I still think her eyebrows are much too thin. It makes her look eerie. Put the tweezers down and back away slowly.

I really liked Ali in the first two episodes but she decided to take on the mother hen role tonight and get all up in Vienna's business. I think that's unflattering. She lost some points in my book with all the reprimanding she did.

Tenley seemed to be one of the only normal ones. She came clean about her previous marriage (yay!) and seemed to win a little bit more of Jake's heart. I actually really like her.

I didn't see any chemistry on the Ella/Jake/son trio date. None. Yawn.

The goners:
Elizabeth just didn't get it that Jake saw straight through her ridiculous manipulation tactics. Tease was exactly what she was and he caught on mighty quickly. (Good boy.)
Earth to Lizzy: he wasn't saying you had to kiss him in order to get a rose, he was saying you had to be real.

Games: He's not into them.

Michelle was caaaareepy as always. Her dreams of a first kiss with Jake, complete with hair pulling, writhing and gnashing of teeth was scary. It so did not pan out the way she was hoping. Pure and utter relief when he sent her packing.
Is this season a little twilight zone and hard to watch or am I just hormonal? (A distinct possibility.)

Is there anyone in the bunch that could be a good counterpart for Jakey-Jakey-Eggs-and-Bakey?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Saturday

photo via: mary ruffle

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti on my Heart

Usually I strive to put beautiful, uplifting things on Star-Crossed. It's what I like to focus on.

Today, I'm thinking of Haiti. In my prayers last night I was at a complete loss as to how to pray for such a massive tragedy. How will my one, little prayer impact a country devastated? I got a crazy pull to go. I just wanted to go. Give them food, water, a blanket; help one desperate soul...

But I can't. There's no way I can.

So I prayed instead for those who can. I prayed that God would multiply their efforts. That one pair of hands helping there would be exponentially more help than we could imagine.

Pray for Haiti.

photos from: and

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 in Review

This post from one of my favorite blogs, Are So Happy, inspired me to create my own mosaic of 2009.

1. Sweet Evie as a brand new 2 year old. January.

2. A trip to The London Tea room for tea & scones. February.

3. Dyed my hair red. Short-lived. March.

4. Missouri Botanical Gardens gorgeous tulips. April.

5. Mr. B. and Mrs. B. take a vacation to Jamaica. May.

6. Beck plays brook-side at the Missouri Bot. Gardens. June.

7. Celebrating our freedom as Americans. I find out I'm expecting Baby B. July.

8. Apple picking and eating in late August.

9. Beck turns four September 1st.

10. A fairy-girl named Evie on Halloween. October. (Photo taken by my friend, Ashley.)

11. Leaf-jumping in November.

12. Get-away to South Carolina's Hilton Head Island. Evie turns three on December 17th.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Flyboy Bachelor - Episode Two

"Can I get my rose back?"
Quote of the night, no doubt.
Raunchy Rozzie's gone. I have to say, after the attack of the killer lips on the rooftop of the hotel on date #1 I am absolutely not sad to see her go. She seemed not to care either...not a tear was shed. The only thing that probably bugged her was seeing her 15 minutes of fame over so quickly.
Quote of the night #2: "I really don't think my personal life is anyone's business."
Ahem, blondie? You just put yourself on a reality show. As soon as you signed the dotted line your little life became everyone's business. Buh bye.
Poor Jake.

There were a few twilight zone moments. I was squirming with discomfort through most of the show.

From the strange one-on-one time in the pool cabana with a giggling, drunk bachelorette, to weirdo Michelle flipping her lid every 14 minutes, to the Fanny Nanny requesting no kisses and then taunting Jake...

I mean really, this poor, unassuming, good boy has to deal with all these imbeciles?

Need a breath of fresh air after all the weirdness? Let's move to the adorable date between Jake and Ali...

Yep, that was a good one.
She's still the front-runner for me.

My thoughts are spinning just a that's all that I've got for the night. Were you surprised at the Rozlyn development?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Floor Plan Saturday ~ 10th Edition

Golly, I have a lot on my to-do list. Like, depressing, nasty amounts of un-fun chores. Something about an impending baby makes a mama want to clean until she's utterly spent.

Another thing about an impending baby: No energy and no attention span. Thus, this post.

I googled "fabulous house plans" and this site came up. My Lordy, are they fabulous...fabulously huge. I had trouble finding a manageable one. When a 23,000 square-footer appeared on the web page I knew I was in deep.
I chose the Stone Pond Plan.

Total Living Area: 3912
Sq. Ft.First Floor: 2612
Sq. Ft.Second Floor: 1300
Bedrooms: 4
Full Baths: 3
Half Baths: 1

First Floor:visit the actual website for a larger view.
Pretty grand, right?
Here's what I love: The Port Cochere. Drive the car up in rain/snow, drop yourself and groceries off and stay dry. Adore it.
I also love the open kitchen to the family room. Although the shapes of the rooms are a little confusing for me.
The library. Of course.
And a lovely master suite.
Don't love: The strange way they put stone on very small amounts of the house (see the first photo). If you're gonna build a house this magnificent, go all out...use stone all over the place.
The suuuuper high ceilings in the family room. I like rooms to feel cozy and intimate. Windows from top to bottom leave me feeling exposed and I would have NO idea how to treat them.
Second Floor:

Great bedroom layout on the 2nd floor and even a little nook for an office. I approve.

Finished Basement:

A theatre and rec room and media room in the basement. Because we all need those...separately, please.

Rear Elevation:

A few photos of the house finished & decorated:

Have to say, these photos look like a bad interior designer had a heyday all over this joint. Icky. Icky. Icky. It's all very contrived and straight out of the warehouse. But now you can see the bones of the place.
I do quite like the massive stone fireplace in the library though.

Rate it! I give it a 4 out of 5...with some touch ups. It's got potential. You?