Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Real Life Tuesday - Christmas Edition

A few weeks ago (pre-sickness) I posted this nap time number for you. Little did I know, I'd be spending the next couple of weeks in bed...and not looking near as glamorously forlorn as this girl.

Oh grief she doesn't look comfortable she looks hungry! Who in their right mind takes a nap on something they can't stretch out on? Might as well sleep in the car. I say naps need to be well thought out so you don't wake up mad! Of course I am old and beauty is relative to where the sleep lines will be. No one would want to drool on a $3000 love seat anyway!
Submitted by my Mother-in-law, Lynda

Love this response. And the reason I posted it: I tend to agree.

'Tis the season for a Chrsitmas tree photo with a plethora of gifts underneath. Preferably with iridescent, pink bows.

In Your Dreams:

In Real Life...


Sarah said...

IN real life half my presents are crumpled and ripped because the cats think the water in the Christmas tree stand is their personal watering hole. No present is spared in accessing the water. And? There are various objects(empty DVD cases, kleenex, diggers) in the tree, because the 2 year old thinks it is cool to store them there.

Annie said...

In real life there are no ornaments on the bottom 2 feet of the tree. The kids keep taking them off and losing them around the house. There would also be no presents under the tree because they would be opened the minute mom left the room!

Jamie Willow said...

IRL we have a nice tree and some cute packages wrapped and I don't try to hard to keep baby J from digging into the gifts cause I think it's so cute. He hasn't actually opened any of them yet but he has chewed on a few. Also, our gifts are a little bigger than these little cute ones. I mean, Santa has to deliver and every kid knows that little gifts are not the good ones. lol.

Laura said...

IRL, the temperature of Christmas day is closer to 80 degrees here and even the Christmas trees look oddly tropical. IRL, we made it to the Christmas tree farm a few days too late and all the good trees were taken, so we chose one (which looks too tropical for my liking... but is supposedly pine- no way it's really pine) and the branches are too weak to hold any of the ornaments and so they're really droopy. Long story short - this tree was too ugly for comfort and was taken down promptly the day after Christmas and all our packages were wrapped in "Cars" paper. Classy.