Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Morning Scene

If you were to find yourself in our neck of the woods and crack open the front door, make your way to the living room and peek in, you might find this...
Two pajama'd little ones cozy on the floor munching their warm, cinnamon muffins in the glow of a Christmas tree.
They're quiet...they're watching The Night Before Christmas.
Rain pours noisily out the window...we're secure in our nest of a warm, dry home - a blessing we do not take for granted.
photo: coco+kelley

Yes, I'm letting my little ones eat sweets and watch TV mid morning. Yes, I plan on putting in another movie when this one is over. Yes, it is much too close to Christmas for this mother to be uptight about television viewing and cavities - that's what January is for.
And, yes, I have much too much laundry and packing to do...

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Anonymous said...

It worked for me/you!!!!