Friday, December 18, 2009

Flyboy Bachelor - The Bachelorettes

The bachelorettes for the Jake season of The Bachelor, starting January 4, have been announced. Oh, how I love this little Bachelor(ette) tradition of ours.
Important? No.
Silly? Maybe.
Entertaining? Definitely.

The girls (click here for a complete list of the 25) are a really gorgeous group. The head shots look like a Miss America line-up...with less hairspray and no sashes (thank God.)
I've compiled a group of some promising candidates. Let's get to it. Base your opinions solely on looks and occupation (this could be fun).

Commercial Pilot.
I don't know why they picked her. She and Jake will have nothing in common.


Suuuuper pretty.

Flight Attendant.
Again with the blonde. Again with the flighty occupations.


Swimsuit Model.
I guess we know who'll be rockin' the bikini...

Fitness Model.

Nanny? Nanny.


Wardrobe Consultant.
I wonder if she'll give Jillian's wardrobe a run for it's money. Remember Jill's clothes? Epic.
The stuff of dreams.
Give it a shot, Corrie. I dare ya.


Okie dokie, there ya have it. What do you think? (Your feedback is vital.)
I think this is going to be a wonderful way to get me through the final weeks of my pregnancy. Simply perfect.


Rae Nolt said...

You are back! I'm so excited! :) Yes, let's talk about how excited I am to have something to look forward to during our final weeks of pregnancy!
As for Jake...I'm excited to watch. Do you think that he will be the most emotional bachelor they have ever had? That's what I'm thinking! As for the girls...I'll just have to watch and see!

Jamie Willow said...

there is one girl in the line up who is a "homemaker". how does that work?! is she independently wealthy? a nice way of saying unemployed? is she living on alimony from a previous husband? I thought the only people who could be "homemakers" were people like us, with hard working husbands and little kids. We all know what we do is priceless but I didn't think anyone got an actual paycheck for being a homemaker. hmm. makes me suspicious.

I think the Nanny girl is beautiful. Stunning even.

Lots of lovely ladies! can't hardly wait!!! !!! yay!!! I'm not pregnant so it's not gonna get me through anything, it's just good clean fun on a monday night! lol

Jamie Willow said...

ps. your blog is lovely!

Maegan said...

I can't wait. I need something to keep me entertained through my last trimester.

And can I say I would only hire the nanny if my hubby were blind!

Kayla said...

I can't wait! I have already seen a preview or two and can't wait for the house drama and of course for you to blog about it! Perfect recipe for you to finish cookin' baby B!

StephG said...

My sis-in-law are so excited for January 4th!!!! We are watching together this season despite being 45 minutes apart!!! So excited!

I have to go read the bio's...I can't even decide yet!!! I'm too excited!!! Yay!!!!

Sarah said...

The fitness model looks like Brenda from 90210 (the one from back in the day...)