Thursday, December 17, 2009

Evangeline Faith

Evie - December 17th 2006

Today is her birthday. The little apple of my eye is turning 3. Three? Three. It's so funny how time seems to crawl by day by day but you look at your three year old and think, "Wasn't she just a snugly newborn? Where did the time go?"

I know just where it went: to grocery shopping, diaper changing, to learning manners and laundry. The time went to tying little shoes, making another pot of mac n' cheese and bedtime prayers.

Evie - 1 year old
Evie is the sweetest, most affectionate little fireball you could ever come across. She has us in stitches with her new ideas and completely original personality.
The girl has no capacity to wait. She wants it. She wants it now and she wants it right.
Evie and I - 2 years old

She loves her big brother and her baby dolls and her puppy, Teddy, with a fierceness that could quite possibly suffocate them.

She nicknames those closest to her heart with names like, "Babe" and "Sweetie" and "Cutie." Mr. B. has been "cutie dad" for a few months now.

She disobeys consistently. Daily. Hourly? And has an explanation for every instance. There's always a good reason. Always.
Evie will surely keep us on our toes and she will charm us every step of the way.

Today - 3 years old

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!


Jamie Willow said...

she is the best! happy birthday baby girl!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Evie!! I love the way and what you write about your sweet girl! She sounds like the best little girl!

Alli Turner said...

i almost cried.


Sarah said...

That last picture of her?? Adorable. 3?? Crazy. The newborn photo is priceless. Happy birthday Evie, soon to be big sis!!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

She's such a big girl! And super sweet pics.

I remember riding around in Jamie's Jeep for some reason after Evie was born; I know I asked her how Evie's name was pronounced (EEvie, or EHvie)... The random things you remember.

Anyway, happy birthday to sweet Miss EEvie! :-)

The Arnold Family said...

She is so sweet!

I can't believe she is already three. Like you said, "Where does the time go?"

Love reading about all the little things that make her, her!