Friday, December 18, 2009

A Birthday Party of the Evie Kind

Some photos of Evie's birthday celebration. It was an all day affair.

Starting with a breakfast at home. Mr. B. made his specialty: pancakes bedecked with whatever he could find in the pantry. Sometimes it's chocolate chips, sometimes fruit or nuts, this time we had cinnamon chips.

Miss Evie got the princess mug that morning.
Her biggest gift from Mr. B. and I was a Bitty Baby. I've been waiting to give my girl an American Girl doll since before I even had a child. American girl is one of my favorite girlhood memories. Her name is Baby Faith - Evie's middle name - and she is quite loved already.

A gift that fabulous deserves a kiss for daddy.
Do you love Mr. B.'s "morning hair"? It's quite attractive.

The scrumptious coconut cupcakes. Yes, they're Ina.

She requested a pink cupcake tea party. Here are the cupcakes...
Here is the tea party. Graciously hosted by Grandma Honey. Lace tablecloth, floral china cups and all.

Another request was a night of bowling. Didn't you know? Frilly pink tea parties and bowling go together like a dream. A perfect, birthday dream.

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Andrea said...

What a cute party! And I love the new back ground and header! :)