Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Real Life Tuesday - 17

Last week we lusted after Ina's perfect pantry (well...maybe that was just me lusting). Lots of people had a big problem with this system because of children - I totally see where everyone is coming from. But guess what? I have open, shelving like this in my kitchen due to ridiculously limited cupboard space and my children leave it alone! I think it's because the kitchen has always been that way. Kinda like they don't even see it...

Anyway, just a note to the faint of heart if you want open shelves like this.

(Personal note: My shelving does not look near this lovely. It started that way but life demands mess and, until I do a major kitchen tidy, they're a whole lot more lived-in than Ina's.)

And now, moving on the winner-winner-chicken-dinner comment.
I just made myself hungry.

Annie said:
In real life, everything would be piled on the top 3 shelves to keep the kids from grabbing everything. The now empty bottom shelves would drive me crazy because I would be constantly telling the kids to stop climbing on them!

Here we have a fab girl about to take what looks like is shaping up to be a fab nap.

In Your Dreams:

daniel farmer

In Real Life...


Alicia Marie said...

IRL...Nap? What is a nap?

Jamie Willow said...

IRL there would a very wiggly squirmy baby boy attached to my tata...side by side nursing at its finest.

Saundra said...

IRL...If I were skinny enough and had those long legs and could fold up like an accordian, I would go out and buy that loveseat.

Lyndee said...

Oh grief she doesn't look comfortable she looks hungry! Who in their right mind takes a nap on something they can't stretch out on? Might as well sleep in the car. I say naps need to be well thought out so you don't wake up mad! Of course I am old and beauty is relative to where the sleep lines will be. No one would want to drool on a $3000 loveseat anyway!