Friday, November 13, 2009

Pregnancy Perk #8

Pregnancy Perk #8:
The Great Gender Debate

It's so fun to debate whether a pregnant mama is carrying a boy or a girl.

As for me? I'm a terrible guesser when it comes to other women's babies.

When my unborn is the one is question, I vacillate between genders as the day dictates. Today? I'm feeling particularly pink. Yesterday? It was blue for sure.

We've decided to keep the mystery going for a bit longer than the usual first 20 weeks. At our ultrasound, we opted out of finding out Baby B.'s gender. Can you believe the audacity of us?!

So, since we're still wondering, why don't you weigh in with your own opinions? If you're really serious about the whole thing, leave me a comment to ask questions about my belly, heart-rate and cravings to guide your decision making. I'll gladly oblige.

I think the gender of Baby B. is:

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Andrea said...

I've decided for no scientific reason at all that you're having a boy! I think Evie is going to be the princess w/ brothers!

Mrs. B. said...

Fabulous theory, Andrea!:)

Cupcake Mama said...

My former Sunday school teacher was 100% wrong with every pregnant woman for the entire 3 years I was in her class - my Mr C included! I will introduce you if you decide to test her theory!! : )

Alicia Marie said...

Both. Twins!

Just kidding. Boy. Cause I like 'em. And I have actual experience. And cause I adore Beck's curls. We need more of them. AND cause can you really get cuter than Evie? Boy.

Jamie Willow said...

I think boy. Although I keep wanting to buy girl baby stuff when I think of you...hmm...I voted boy though. Evie would love having a sister I think...but I also think she could do well as the only girl...lots of brothers to watch over her....heck...have a few more boys right?! lol

Anonymous said...

One of each????? No, all along I have been saying girl but with all the boy votes I am swayed a bit....