Monday, November 23, 2009

Need to...

Do laundry.
Study Microbiology.
Bake these.
Pack bags for our Nashville road trip.
Clean kid's rooms.
Figure out what's giving me raging heartburn.
Find a dog-sitter.
photo from bluebirdbaby.


Annie said...

I saw that you put up a boy/girl post! I vote BOY all the way. My boy gave me raging heartburn and my girl gave me zero. Okay, that probably means nothing gender-wise, but I'm still going with boy.

The Arnold Family said...

It's cruch time! We are going to Kansas City.

Sarah said...

I am feeling the need to slow down and breathe too.
Have a happy Thanksgiving Mrs. B!

Saundra said...

Ha, to add to the discussion of heartburn......Laura gave me hemmoroids and Brandon gave me heartburn (I thought he'd come out with Malanta II stamped on his bottom like the Cabbage Patch dolls). Unfortunately, it's been 22 and 27 yrs. and neither one have gone away:(