Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love It.

I just want to share my love for facebook. I love this site, really. I know some people give it a bad rap because it takes up a lot of time (only as much as you give to it) and it may create a false sense of intimacy with friends that aren't really friends.
I don't buy it.
I mean, really, who doesn't need more friends? Who doesn't need a little more human interaction? Who doesn't want to share photos of their beautiful life? Who doesn't want to keep up with high school buddies and long lost college folk?
The only thing that makes me roll my eyes are the people that are so attached to social networking they carry it around on an iphone. I think that's just really lame.
Let me go on the record to say: I (heart) Facebook!


Mrs.M said...

I love it too! :) And I'm proud of it! LOL

StephG said...

I heart facebook too!! Come find me :) I always love having more friends & getting to know new friends!!!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Ok, I'm one of those lame-o's who carry it around on my iPhone. But I bet if you did that you'd like it too. :)

The Arnold Family said...

It's especially wonderful for losers like me who have no adult interaction! What am I saying, it IS my adult interaction.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OK, youre my new favorite blogger - how long have you been lurking on my site?? (Or have you commented before - if so, so sorry!)
I just read your entire page and I could make a million comments - let me rattle off a few...
-Too funny, cause I am holding back on a post about how much a hate Facebook
-I am so studding me some oranges after imaging the smell
-You're right about Martina, Nicole's boobs, and Kellie Picklers lack of style..and what was that red explosion that Carrie Underpants had on??? I used to blog a play by play every year of the CMA's but last years stunk so bad that I gave up - but let's just say, I was brutal.
-The fact that you are a Christian with a sense of humor is so refreshing
-I am so with you on the consistancy of pumpkin pie, could never figure out why I don't love it like other people do, but that has got to be it

Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back!

Jamie Willow said...

facebook is what you make it. for me it is fun!

Sarah said...

I heart fb too.

Kimberly Ginn said...

If you had an iphone I'm sure you'd do it too. I read you post on my iphone by the way.

I think you're just jealous ;)