Friday, November 13, 2009

Frivolous Friday

The CMA's were last weekend. I'm not a big country music fan (don't hate me because I'm a Yankee) but I do love to google the show afterward to oggle the pretty dresses.

(I'm really hoping none of these photos are from last year's CMA's...embarrassing!)

This short champagne number is lovely. I've always thought Carrie's legs were fabulous, if a little on the skinny side.
But what in the world is this thing? Is this a dress? She looks like she could be hiding a small village under there...

Here's Kellie Pickler. Now, in my opinion this girl has always struggled a bit with her styling. Where's the stylist in this mess? First she was not-so-Dolly Parton and now she's...well...all washed out brunette.
She needs to go blonde again. I'm a firm believer in blonde.

Martina McBride looks strange. Well, not Martina herself but her dress. She took a shot at Grecian and just looks like Forever 21 spit up all over her. That fabric is heinous.
I'm on the fence with Nicole Kidman's choice. I'm tottering on the side of "dislike." Let me tell you though, her Chinese red, skin tight gown wasn't the first thing that caught my eye. Guess what was...

Okay, I'm ready for some good news, are you? Faith Hill is beautiful. The color of her dress is sumptuous and the style is just right for her age and figure. Yay.

Cute lil', adorable Taylor Swift looks totally ravishing. Even if her collar and breast bones say "hello" to you before she does.
Now for my favorites of the bunch: Jennifer Nettles and Reba.
Here the ladies are, proving that you probably can't go wrong with a black dress. Just perfect. (Even if Reba's voice does give me the heebie-jeebies.)
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1. The last band I saw live was Travis Cotrell Worship Band at Beth Moore's Conference.
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is visiting with far-away family and laughing.
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is not even started.
4. Thoughts of newborns fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear a bikini proudly.
6. Bagpipes make me mournful.


Lyndee said...

You are hilarious with your thoughts on these country stars and their dresses. I had no idea what you were talking about with Nicole. But at least I laughed. Which has not been the case much today. My soul is tormented. I blogged. Sorry I show my pain but I cannot but. Love you!

Katie said...

That one of Carrie Underwood in that mountain of red fabric, is from last year. She wore some absolutely AMAZING dresses during the awards show this year though, particularly this champagne dress with purple flowers and a purple sash...TO. DIE. FOR. I will try to find a picture of it and post on my blog. The rest looked like they were from this year, though, I don't remember seeing her in the first dress you posted...I could have missed it though.

Andrea said...

The first two dresses we're from last year on Carrie, but all the rest are good. And the awards were just this past Wed, a couple days ago. Love the dresses!