Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.

Love, Us.

Wordless Wednesday 17

My babies are so cute.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Real Life Tuesday - 17

Last week we lusted after Ina's perfect pantry (well...maybe that was just me lusting). Lots of people had a big problem with this system because of children - I totally see where everyone is coming from. But guess what? I have open, shelving like this in my kitchen due to ridiculously limited cupboard space and my children leave it alone! I think it's because the kitchen has always been that way. Kinda like they don't even see it...

Anyway, just a note to the faint of heart if you want open shelves like this.

(Personal note: My shelving does not look near this lovely. It started that way but life demands mess and, until I do a major kitchen tidy, they're a whole lot more lived-in than Ina's.)

And now, moving on the winner-winner-chicken-dinner comment.
I just made myself hungry.

Annie said:
In real life, everything would be piled on the top 3 shelves to keep the kids from grabbing everything. The now empty bottom shelves would drive me crazy because I would be constantly telling the kids to stop climbing on them!

Here we have a fab girl about to take what looks like is shaping up to be a fab nap.

In Your Dreams:

daniel farmer

In Real Life...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Need to...

Do laundry.
Study Microbiology.
Bake these.
Pack bags for our Nashville road trip.
Clean kid's rooms.
Figure out what's giving me raging heartburn.
Find a dog-sitter.
photo from bluebirdbaby.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inspired Autumn

I've got some gorgeous photos hanging around in my inspiration files. Many of them are distinctly Autumnal. So I'm going to pile all the prettiness into this post - because Christmas and Winter are coming and we need a last little bit of Fall to carry us to Thanksgiving.
Browse with me?

Hats and umbrellas seem to be a common theme...
And now, on with Winter!

Photo Credits: Emma Freemantle, Hugh, Kelly Herring, Laurence Pasquier, Philip Newton, Michael Wooley

Friday, November 20, 2009

Floor-Plan Saturday ~ 9th Edition

It's been awhile! I'm breaking my Floor-Plan silence for a doozy. Not only is it a beautiful home, it has got a little personal appeal for me. My best friend (this one) is building this, her dream home, as we

Look at this stunner! Imagine it on a rural family farm right outside of Washington D.C. in Virginia. *Sigh* It's a lot of work (much lamenting over the phone...) but it will be so worth it.

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4.5
Square Footage Total: 3372
Main Floor: 2193
Upper Floor: 1179
First Floor:
One word: Fireplaces!
Oh...and there's the dreamy mud-room, laundry room, porch combo right off the garage and kitchen. Perfect planning.

Take a look at Bedroom #2. I decided that one is mine for the many visits I pay. :)
How do you feel about it? I give it a 5...and not just because I have to!

Frivolous Friday

Heidi Klum, 5 weeks post-partum.

(Some are giving her grief for not wearing a bikini like she did at the VS fashion show after her last baby. Seriously? You're gonna say anything about someone that looks like this a mere 5 weeks after birthing a child? Barbarians.)


1. We need to have more compassion.
2. I took the kids to the mall this morning and it made me smile.
3. If you want love, give love!
4. I like chocolate because it's beautiful.
5. Massachusetts has a proposed 5% sales tax on elective cosmetic surgery; I think it doesn't effect me one bit.
6. Laughter and pie makes for a happy holiday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Real Life Tuesday - 16

There were so many fabulously real-life responses to this lovely photo I posted a couple of weeks ago:

In real kids would have pulled every one of those gorgeous little blankets out of that charming little armoire and piled them in front of the couch so they could jump off of it in flying leaps and have a soft place to land. Then they would drive their cars around inside the empty piece of furniture.
Katie Beth

Here's some more housekeeping un-reality for you to play with.
In your dreams (I give you Ina Garten's pantry):

In Real Life...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pregnancy Perk #9

Pregnancy Perk #9:

Knowing that I've got the likes of this growing inside me.

I mean, really, isn't this just amazing? Me. Growing a person. Again. It's just a miracle; one of those every day miracles but a miracle no less.

This ultrasound photo is from a couple of weeks ago and I'll give you that Baby B looks a little like Skelator at the moment but in a few short months baby will look a little like this:

Beck - 2005

or maybe this?

Evie - 2006

Gives me the warm-fuzzies to think of it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love It.

I just want to share my love for facebook. I love this site, really. I know some people give it a bad rap because it takes up a lot of time (only as much as you give to it) and it may create a false sense of intimacy with friends that aren't really friends.
I don't buy it.
I mean, really, who doesn't need more friends? Who doesn't need a little more human interaction? Who doesn't want to share photos of their beautiful life? Who doesn't want to keep up with high school buddies and long lost college folk?
The only thing that makes me roll my eyes are the people that are so attached to social networking they carry it around on an iphone. I think that's just really lame.
Let me go on the record to say: I (heart) Facebook!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oranges + Cloves

Something I love to do during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season:
photo: Martha Stewart

Do you do this?
Do you get poked by the cloves while you're pushing them into the orange rind like I do?
Do you think the smell is amazing and completely worth a little bit of pain?

The Little Things

Giving thanks for the little things...
The smell of fresh peeled clementines.

Under-the-weather, cuddly children.

Visits from sweet friends bearing fresh baked goodies.

Phone calls.

Modern medicine.

Sunshine out the window.

Movies on the Hallmark channel.

Simply Orange juice.

Pei Wei for dinner.

Anticipation of a better day...

Sometimes life is rough and it's all you can do to take pleasure in the little things (because, at times, the little things are all you've got). What are your little things?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Frivolous Friday

The CMA's were last weekend. I'm not a big country music fan (don't hate me because I'm a Yankee) but I do love to google the show afterward to oggle the pretty dresses.

(I'm really hoping none of these photos are from last year's CMA's...embarrassing!)

This short champagne number is lovely. I've always thought Carrie's legs were fabulous, if a little on the skinny side.
But what in the world is this thing? Is this a dress? She looks like she could be hiding a small village under there...

Here's Kellie Pickler. Now, in my opinion this girl has always struggled a bit with her styling. Where's the stylist in this mess? First she was not-so-Dolly Parton and now she's...well...all washed out brunette.
She needs to go blonde again. I'm a firm believer in blonde.

Martina McBride looks strange. Well, not Martina herself but her dress. She took a shot at Grecian and just looks like Forever 21 spit up all over her. That fabric is heinous.
I'm on the fence with Nicole Kidman's choice. I'm tottering on the side of "dislike." Let me tell you though, her Chinese red, skin tight gown wasn't the first thing that caught my eye. Guess what was...

Okay, I'm ready for some good news, are you? Faith Hill is beautiful. The color of her dress is sumptuous and the style is just right for her age and figure. Yay.

Cute lil', adorable Taylor Swift looks totally ravishing. Even if her collar and breast bones say "hello" to you before she does.
Now for my favorites of the bunch: Jennifer Nettles and Reba.
Here the ladies are, proving that you probably can't go wrong with a black dress. Just perfect. (Even if Reba's voice does give me the heebie-jeebies.)
photos from

1. The last band I saw live was Travis Cotrell Worship Band at Beth Moore's Conference.
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is visiting with far-away family and laughing.
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is not even started.
4. Thoughts of newborns fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear a bikini proudly.
6. Bagpipes make me mournful.

Pregnancy Perk #8

Pregnancy Perk #8:
The Great Gender Debate

It's so fun to debate whether a pregnant mama is carrying a boy or a girl.

As for me? I'm a terrible guesser when it comes to other women's babies.

When my unborn is the one is question, I vacillate between genders as the day dictates. Today? I'm feeling particularly pink. Yesterday? It was blue for sure.

We've decided to keep the mystery going for a bit longer than the usual first 20 weeks. At our ultrasound, we opted out of finding out Baby B.'s gender. Can you believe the audacity of us?!

So, since we're still wondering, why don't you weigh in with your own opinions? If you're really serious about the whole thing, leave me a comment to ask questions about my belly, heart-rate and cravings to guide your decision making. I'll gladly oblige.

I think the gender of Baby B. is:

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

T-Giving Meme

Here I sit with a sick boy and a sick man on my hands. What is it about sick males to drive a woman up a wall?
I am going a little stir-crazy...
Time for a meme!

Where will you be celebrating Thanksgiving this year?
A few places. My parents house and Nashville, TN at my brother & sister-in-law's.

Will you travel to get there?
By car to get to TN. Takes us about 5 hours - a nice little road trip

Are you going to be cooking?
A small amount. I'll be doing some sides and maybe a dessert. I leave the hard stuff (aka. The Bird) up to the more experienced cooks.

Will you have turkey or something else?
C'mon now, is there anything else on Thanksgiving? Gobble, gobble.

Do you ever go out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner?
I think I might cry if I went to a restaurant on Thanksgiving...

Do you eat Thanksgiving dinner earlier, later, or at the same time as you usually eat dinner?
Whenever the "mama" of the house decides. Usually around 2 pm.

Will you go to a church service on Thanksgiving day?
No. We do Sunday & Wednesday church.

Will you, or have you ever, volunteered at a soup kitchen serving Thanksgiving dinner?
I have volunteered for a Thanksgiving-time dinner at a shelter in college. But it wasn't on actual Thanksgiving.

Do you enjoy cranberries?

Sweet potato or pumpkin pie?
I'm not a pumpkin pie fan (its the consistency). "Yay" for sweet potatoes.

Do you believe that turkey leftovers are a curse or a blessing?
An absolute blessing! I think I look forward to the leftovers (turkey & cranberry sandwich, anyone?) more than the actual meal!

Which side dish would provoke a riot if you left it off the menu?
Mashed Potatoes.

Do you save the carcass to make soup or stock?
Save the bird, make the soup.

What do you wish you had that would make preparing Thanksgiving dinner easier?
Ina Garten; in my kitchen. (Did you know I like her?)

If you go to somebody else's house, what's your favorite dish to bring?
This yummy, simple Orange Cranberry Cream Cheese dip for crackers. Just a little appetizer.

What do you wish one of your guests wouldn't bring to your house?
Ungrateful attitudes.

What's your absolute favorite thing on the menu?
Probably the cheesy, buttery vegetable casseroles that always come out of my mom's oven.
Next fave? Dessert!
All photos from Martha Stewart.