Saturday, October 24, 2009

The True Tale of an Autumn Day

One brisk day, when Halloween was one week away and anticipation was high, two little children took their mom and dad to the pumpkin farm to get a perfect pumpkin.
Beck, the little boy, and Evie, the wee girl, shopped the pumpkin bin for the just right pumpkin.
It had to be big and round. It had to be bright and heavy.
In her pen was a gentle calf. Oreo was her name. She blinked her long lashes at Beck and Evie and maybe she smiled a little.
A potbellied pig hunkered in its bed of straw. If the children looked very closely they could spy two shivering piggy rumps buried in the straw to keep warm.
With their big, round, bright, heavy pumpkin found and the farm animals visited it was time for the rosy cheeked children to bring their mom and dad home.
After the children had eaten their tricky, yellow corn and fluffy potatoes, mom said, "It's time for a harvest party!"
They squealed with joy.

Dad drew a face on the perfect pumpkin. The children wanted a happy face, not a scary face.

Dad used a big knife and his strong arms to cut the top off this perfect pumpkin. Beck and Evie watched.

And then it was time to dig in.

Separate the smooth seeds from slimy pulp. A fun job for little hands.

And the most exciting part came. Dad cut the smiling face into the pumpkin. Transforming him into a happy jack-o-lantern.

Pumpkin cupcakes with candies on top were the party food.

Mom pulled out some spooky reading and Beck and Evie snuggled with their mommy on the couch to hear stories. They watched the jack-o-lantern shine and flicker from their cozy spot; for dad had lit a candle and placed it inside.

Fresh roasted pumpkin seeds, collected by the little ones, came warm from the oven. Salty and crunchy. They were gone quickly.

The end of the night came and Beck and Evie said "goodnight" to their pumpkin friend.
They snuggled into their beds and dreamed sweetly of kind cows and shining, smiling pumpkin faces.


Jamie Willow said...

what a lovely memory!

Mrs. D said...

I love your blog Ashley ... ! Everytime I read it, you make me want to strive to be a better woman, mom, wife, friend, and in general a better human!

seanna said...

Seriously? You seem like a fantastic, fantastic mama :)

Alicia Marie said...

So cute. Beautiful little family...

Sarah said...

Creative lady :) They will love reading this someday.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Aww, I enjoy your story very much. The kids had such a great day, I bet they will remember it always. The pumpkin cupcakes looked yummy!
Have a wonderful day,

Lyndee said...

Ira said you thought you couldn't tell a story! I think you are super in the story dept!