Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Real Life Tuesday - 14

Two weeks ago I posted this adorable girl with the wind in her hair. Apparently she's just reveling in a rainy day. Why does reveling and rain never occur simultaneously in real life?


Anyway, I liked all the comments - as always. But had two favorites. Here they are:

In real life, I couldn't find my umbrella cause my 2 year old clepto took it and hid it somewhere(probably in the garbage). So I would be running to my car with my purse over my head.

In real life I gag on the hair I accidentally just breathed in. The worst feeling ever btway.
from Jamie at {Always on my Mind}
I can commiserate with Jamie about the hair gag. It's the worst.
Mr. B. gagged on my hair on a windy day in Minneapolis once. Romance jumped straight off the bridge we were standing on...
In Your Dreams (or nightmares?):

debi treloar

In Real Life...


Laura said...

Reveling and rain occurred simultaneously when we were 15 years old at camp. I remember it. Vividly. We were listening to Genie in a Bottle at the time. :)

Oh... and in real life..... my son would pour that milk on top of his head accidentally and all over my kitchen floor that is already super disgusting. And then I would cry over the spilt milk.

jek said...

In real life, that is me as a child putting the half drank glass back up on the counter because I could only stand to drink half of it at dinner.

Then, in real life, my sister would be taking it back down...finishing it for me so my mom would let me go play.


The Arnold Family said...

In Real Life...

An instant milk shower, from head to toe for the guilty party.

Jamie Willow said...

IRL...the oreo's are near by :)