Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Life Tuesday - 13

You are some funny people.

There were so many comments about how tiny this model's waist is that I just had to go back and give it a second look. And you're right! Either this girl has got her Spanx really tight or she's giving Scarlett O'Hara a run for her money.

In either case, she's unrealistically tiny. Hence, the need for a little real life to be thrown in.

It was hard to pick a fave from the fun comments you left but, amazing me has done it again. Here's the one that put it nice and concise:

In real life that horse would be kicking and going crazy
from being hit in the eye with a button that
popped off that skirt.

Right?! Those buttons wouldn't have a dream of buttoning around even one of my thighs. That horses eyes would be in peril. Flying buttons love to land in eyeballs.

Here's a beauty on a windy, rainy fall day. What does that really look like?

In your dreams:

In Real Life...


Jamie Willow said...

In real life I gag on the hair I accidentally just breathed in. The worst feeling ever btway.

jek said...

In real life I just stay inside.

Bethany Patrice said...

in real life if i had just spent time doing my hair, i would not be smiling if it was windy and raining outside. Oh real life I'd be wearing gloves.

Alicia Marie said...

In real life i would also be holding a large diaper bag and a squirming 15 month old who would insist on holding the umbrella and thus drenching the both of us...while my hair was blown into my face.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

In real life I am the model who posed for this picture.

(Yeah right.)

Saundra said...

In real life, rain means a bad hair day all around. And my umbrella would be blowing so hard it turned inside-out. By the way, this model is obviously delirious from her anorexia....look at those boney hands!

Sarah said...

In real life, I couldn't find my umbrella cause my 2 year old clepto took it and hid it somewhere
(probably in the garbage). So I would be running to my car with my purse over my head.

Rae Nolt said...

In real life, I just got my haircut too it can hardly blow. Sigh.

Lyndee said...

In real life the umbrella would be over Jack and his walker and me and my 50 pound purse, his book and water bottle would be quietly cussing and drenched!