Friday, October 2, 2009

Frivolous Friday

Ah...the weekend is upon us. I have a busy one, but I'm not going to tell you what it's full of - it might not get done and I don't want that kind of accountability. I want the freedom to fail. ;)

Here are some delicious, heartening photos of gorgeous people doing...well...what they probably haven't done in days or weeks. Maybe that's why they take such huuuge bites and have a certain look of desperation in their eyes?

I would so hate to live in Hollywood...

Nicole Ritchie + Sandwich

Katherine Heigl + Hostess

Heidi Klum + Spaghetti

Britney Spears + Ice cream

Jennifer Lopez + Hot dog
(probably my favorite.)
Now, I am not making fun here. I am breathing a sigh of relief for these teeny tiny people. And for myself. That Hostess snack looked really good...

And now for a little news on the Bachelor(ette) front.

Mr. Perfect, Jake, could quite possibly be the next seasons bachelor. Its not confirmed but here's the tidbit from Us Weekly.
I kinda don't that wrong? He was a little bit dull. I'll certainly watch if he's the main man, though.
All photos from Us Weekly.


Annie said...

nice to know they eat! (and not just vegetables).

Sarah said...

Loved this!

Jamie Willow said...


Lyndee said...

Jake will be fun to watch. He is a man of principles! He is also a perfect hunk.