Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dog Lover Decor

Is this design idea adorable or what?
I have dogs and I like them well enough but I'm not what you would call a dog enthusiast. I'll leave that title to my mother in law. :)
But this is a really sweet way to feature your doggies.
A nice, large, close-up of Rover (or Teddy and Sasha in the B's case) propped informally.
portland mitchell

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Lyndee said...

I love the idea. I found a blue distressed frame with the words: The Dog House in it the other day in my scrounge the used stores happiness. I showed it to S and we agreed it should go up somewhere. This indeed showed me how to make it a showpiece above the changing table. We won't frame but will do laminated posters and put Miss Piggy, Taffy darling, Cami Fae Baker, and the notorious clothing destroyer Gibson on the wall above with the Dog house above! Tish's greatest pleasure is chasing Miss Piggy and giggling while Piggy finally looks at me desperately for rescue! I am a dog enthusiast aren't I?