Sunday, October 4, 2009


I love beautiful things. I love beautiful people. I think that's okay...I think God made us to appreciate beauty. Inside and out.

This photo shoot by Lars Botten completely caught me with the beauty of its subjects. I'm not sure if they're mother and daughter (that's what I'm leaning toward) but they are lovely, are they not?

I would love to look like the older lady when I reach that age. Her white hair and smile lines even the marks that tell of her enjoyment of the sunshine...


ASHLEY said...

i would love to look like that too...i got the freckles down pat already....hope you are well...are you having family pics made this year? i think i told you i would design your christmas cards this year, didn't i???? many blessings!

gina said...

They do look beautiful and I agree mother and daughter. I hope to look that good with my 4 girls when I am gray. Kudos to them.