Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Bachelor EnGAGement

Yep, I think I'm pretty clever with my title. But here it is: the news the seals the deal, Molly and Jason are engaged. Remember our utter disgust and outrage and the mayhem that broke out when Jason broke up with Melissa? Here's a reminder.

Well...whether the girlfriend switch-a-roo was planned or not I think Molly and J are a good little match. I guess he'll be staring into her "endlessly beautiful" eyes for a lifetime.

US Weekly

To get the full engagement story click here or here.

As a little parting topic in this whole saga: How do you feel about the engagement?


Jamie Willow said...

good for them. glad it worked out. still think he did it all in a very jerky way.

Rae Nolt said...

I've been waiting for your blog on this! :) AND HERE IT IS!

Maybe I'm happy for them. Who knows. Still annoyed at Jason for being such a jerk, and he could of done it another way.

Let's see if they get married. That will be the big test. Lots of people have gotten engaged on the Bachelor...but let's see if there is a DATE and if it holds true!

Andrea said...

check out they have some pretty hilarious re-caps of the bachelor/ette! thought you might like'em!

Jamie Willow said...

totally different bachelor but wanted to see if you had heard about this book? lol the hot paris doc wrote it after his season. now he's on a show called "The Dr's".


Mrs. B. said...

Oh my Jamie...I have not seen this. :( Dumb.

mrsfox said...

J&M = we shall see.