Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ree Drummond of the fabulous Pioneer Woman blog is coming out with a cookbook! Eee! I love cookbooks so much better than Internet recipe searches. It's so much...cozier.

Anyway, the book comes out on the 27th of October and she's going to be signing in my city in November. I am so there.


Alli said...

i want to come!

i bought another cookbook yesterday...The Best of the World's Curry. recipes from india & thailand.

when i find a few days off this fall we are going to need to go grocery shopping and make some curry dishes!

love you.
hope today's great.

StephG said...

I am so hoping she comes to the New England area!!! I'm not opposed to a bit of travel!!! I was sad to see we weren't on the list. However, I'm super excited for you!!!! If you get to her signing please, please take a picture of her/with her or something like that!
I'm just waiting until payday (or my birthday) to pre-order her cookbook!!
I am wicked excited!!!!!!1

Redbird Rachel said...

She is one talented lady! I only follow her photography blog right now and have learned a ton. I am clearly missing out on the food portion!!

Sarah said...

Love Ree! Hope you can get a photo with her!

Lyndee said...

I am jealous and that is honest!