Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Show

Here's something about me: I love Broadway musicals and plays. Love them.

They make me cry. Not because they're sad or touching (sometimes they are) but because they are so beautiful. The movement, the music, the costuming, the sets, the theatre...the whole thing makes me so happy and brings so many emotions bubbling to the surface that the only thing to relieve me is to cry.

I love it.

I've seen a few shows in Chicago and some in St. Louis. The Phantom of the Opera, A Christmas Carol, Annie, Les Miserables, The Nutcracker Ballet and a few more but I have one that is just beckoning me to see...

The Lion King

Really. It just looks magnificent. I would cry. Hardcore. I'll have to bring kleenex on that day.

What is the one show (live) that you are just dying to see? Or do you not care about stage shows?

P.S. Last night's Dancing With The Stars inspired this post. They had a little Lion King number as one of their special dances. They also had a tribute to Patrick Swayze. Did you see it? It was fantastic. And yes, I cried.

I'm such a sap!


Jamie Willow said...

I saw Lion King in Mpls. It was fantastic and yes you would definitely cry. There is a point where all the characters, animals, dancers, everyone fills the stage from the back of the auditorium dancing their way through the aisles that gave me chills and I still love thinking about.

We seriously are bosom buddies my dear. love you.

jek said...

I also saw The Lion King in Mpls. I was expecting it to be a cute show, but I was surprised by how spectacular the costumes were. I thought it was going to be weird watching a man work a puppet bird, but they are so skilled and artful, it was amazing to watch.

Unfortunately, my theater friend moved thousands of miles away and I can only drag Nate to so many.

I really want to see Wicked. We were not able to see it when it was here, but maybe someday. Otherwise I am always interested in Cirque.

Laura said...

I saw Lion King in Korea. And I saw Wicked in Chicago and in London (better in Chicago). Wicked is a MUST SEE. I loved the Lion King as well... and yes, I cried in both the Lion King and Wicked. I was really hoping to see Rent before it left Broadway. Oh well...

The Arnold Family said...

On a huge professional scale: I saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. It was wonderful. We go to see the Nutcracker every year, and I enjoy that too. I enjoy the theater, always have.

One I really want to see? Phantom of the Opera...or Cats. :)

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Saw The Lion King in both Chicago and Mpls. Cried during the opening number (I believe that is what Jamie's referring to) both times. Spectacularly amazing. You will LOVE it.

Bring the tissue.

Jennalu said...

Okay-I cryed when I watched this tribute to Patrick!

Redbird Rachel said...

Lion King is definitely my favorite. The opening act is outstanding!! I would love to see Phantom!