Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Boy, On His 4th Birthday

Beck's 4th birthday was such a special day.

We started at this glow-mini-golf place. One of Beck's favorite activities.
This place drives me nuts...I can never get good photos. My camera goes into fits and doesn't know where to focus.

Here's the gift set-up. Tons of matchbox cars and tracks. They look lovely strewn all over the living room. Very chic.
The swing set in the background was a gift from Grandma Honey and Papa. Built with love by Mr. B.


The smiles on these sweet faces when they glimpsed their swings were priceless.
And yes, Mr. B. did try to wrap the entire swing set...the wind unwrapped it promptly.

He found his new bike (a gift from Mr. B. and I) inside their new playhouse (another Mr. B. creation - he's great).

Some locally made frosty root beer and cream soda for the guests (my parents and siblings).

The cake was funfetti - as promised - and the most 'I can die a happy woman now' chocolate frosting that I must post the recipe for.
It's Ina, of course.

I have to say something about my boy. I wasn't going to be the bragging mother who thinks her kid can do no wrong - and even if I secretly thought it, I sure as anything wasn't going to post it all over my blog. Well...if I can't brag about and love on my boy who will? I'm his mother, for goodness sakes.

So I'm going to say one thing that stands out the most about this little guy. He is beautiful. I'm not talking outwardly (although...), I'm talking about his spirit. His smile is completely infectious. He is one of the happiest, most laid-back, sweetest people I know. He's likable and kind and oozes affection. He is dear; and he is my boy.


Laura said...

The way you described Beck is the way I would describe his mother. And of course you're allowed to brag about your son. What else are mommy's supposed to do? You are a great mother, Ash. xoxo

Kayla said...

Oh B Family...looks like another AWESOME birthday celebration. I still remember when Beck was born and Ira proudly showed off photos before our workout...the permagrin stuck to his face...such a proud husband and papa!

Oh and Ash...please do post that recipe I am anxious to bake a bit ;-)

Michelle said...

What a precious boy you seems our boys' and girls' personalities are SO similar, and you deserve to brag - Beck's pretty sweet :)

The birthday looked AMAZING! We're going to have to do it up this year, Cam's been talking about his birthday NONSTOP. Don't know how he got so into it.

Isn't it fun to wonder what the Lord has next for your family? Who will He add to the mix?? Ah, I love it. Thanks for the pics of your bday boy and cute little sis :)

Jennalu said...

Ashley this post brought tears to my eyes, esp. the part of how you express Beck!

Lyndee said...

He is a wonderful son and grandson. I hope his sweetness stays through his life as it is a wonderful addition to all his other qualities that we see in him. Bless this boy Lord real good!