Saturday, September 12, 2009

Floor-Plan Saturday ~ 6th Edition

The return of Floor-Plan Saturday! Yay!

For me, at least. This featurette only got 6 votes from my little poll - the least of all the options.

Don't care. I love floor-plans and this is my blog so here we go!

I'm returning with a pretty little coastal type southern home. The wraparound porch is what's killing me. I'm a sucker for those!
See...the exterior is white. White is good. I got this plan from the Southern Living website but I have no clue how to find it again and give you all the stats. Boo on me.
So we'll just have to do with photos today.
Here is the Main Level:
Favorite first floor feature? The media room secluded off the kitchen. So wonderful! People love to gather around the kitchen and it's so so nice to have all the electronics (ugly!) stashed in a far-away corner instead of in the main living area (like my house...).
And this 'Keeping Room'. What is it? Is it a southern thing? What would you do with it? I might use it as an eat in kitchen area plus put all my wonderful books in there.
I also adore both fireplaces on either side of the home when you walk in. How welcoming!
Upper Level:
Everyone has their own bath upstairs and the laundry room is in the large master closet and opens off the hallway. How do you feel about that? Yay or nay?
And here are some photos of the house finished and decorated. So you can visualize a bit more.
Here's a shot of the dining room...I think. I don't like that such a lovely, large room has a teeny weeny table. Hum...
I think we're seeing the living room here (but it could be the keeping room):
Another angle of the dining room with the keeping room through the doors:

Favorite room, the kitchen:
Upstairs we have bedrooms and baths:

And a porch shot...oh...relaxing...

How did ya like it? Let's rate.
I give it a 3 out of 5...maybe a 4.
I like the decor but it was a bit contrived and predictable for me. Pretty palate though and very relaxing.
I'm glad Floor-Plan Saturday is back.


jek said...

I also love love love this wrap around porch. I am a sucker for those too. I love the way the stairwell comes into the center of the house, but that it is pushed back some so it is not 2 inches from the front entry. All those windows are amazing. I also love the the laundry is on the second level with the bedrooms.

Initially I really liked the kitchen, but on second look, where is all the storage space? I'm not a huge fan of open shelves at the cost of storage. Plus, it is rather small in comparison with the rest of the house.

Overall, I really like the layout. If I was looking to buy it today, I would need a lot of paint (sorry I'm more a fan of deep colors over white) and I'm not sold on the kitchen. I would give it a 3.5....though it is likely that an evening on that porch could make me forget all about the not so great things.

Lyndee said...

Beautiful ambiance and a feeling of space in most rooms. The porch is the drawing card and it does give a feeling of coastal living.
The kitchen and media rooms are small and the kitchen too far from the dining room as you would be carrying lots of things when you entertain. I would flip dining room with keeping room and open it all up. I do think it would be nice to have the square footage available when you put up the floor plan as that is a major selling point. An explanation of the media room would be nice. Does it just house everything that is then sent throughout the house or must you all cram in there to watch a movie. I shall assume the former.
I would rate this as a 3 out of 5 with the kitchen being the only drawback. It is designed beautifully but I cannot see 3 kids, two dogs, and the relatives or neighborhood in there comfortably. People do gather in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Floor-Plan Saturday is back too!

Katie Allegretti said...

THANK YOU so so so much for bringing this back! :D

I loved the exterior of the house...those wrap around porches are perfection. The floor plan was...interesting. That small table? What was up with that? Is this place owned by 2 loners or what? All that house and no guests? Scandal! Loved the colors, though. Laundry room off the master? I think not! Bad design. Should it be on the second floor? YES (mine is! and I love it), but not off the master!

4 out of 10.

Jamie Willow said...

super pretty. I would live there. :)

Rae Nolt said...

LOVED IT! I would live there too! I LOVE white...but would be afraid I couldn't keep everything clean! I'm giving it a 4!