Sunday, September 20, 2009

Balloon Glow

Have you ever had an event that makes you fall in love with your city? Something that's unique (or maybe not so unique) to the town and you just feel proud when you go and admit it's "yours"?

I just had one of these experiences. I'm not so keen on the place I live...there are cities that are safer, chic-er, prettier, healthier...but this was a moment I could take a bit of pride in the place I call home.

The Balloon Glow was this weekend. First of all, the name. Can you just stop and love the name of this even for a moment? It's fantastic. Balloon Glow. You just want to go to something named that.

The family: Mr. B, Evie, my Dad & Mom, Beck, my sister and a sweet friend.
We took a picnic and made an evening of it. Personal preference about pinicing: sit on an adorable blanket on the ground. No tables, no lawn chairs. The ground. Even if you're pregnant. It's better this way.

At dusk the balloons began to mound up all around the park. Like big, hulking beasts they all grew and grew...

We were able to get surprisingly close and even touch them as they inflated. A really great thing for the kids to witness.

When it got dark, and all the balloons were towering above us (maybe 60 + balloons?), there sounded an air horn and the pilots fired up their torches and made their balloons glow. All at the same time.

The effect was magnificent. I almost cried. Seriously, I did...almost. But I'm pregnant so I'm allowed.

Not glowing:


Neat, right?

It got warm and bright and everyone 'oohed' and 'ahhed' over the beauty of it. Honestly, can you tell its my new favorite thing? :)

And then, my brave girl, Evie got a chance to pose on the basket of a balloon. Even while they torched it. Talk about warm! She wasn't phased a bit. Beck wouldn't dare come within 20 feet of the thing.

The next day there was a balloon race. I saw them floating peacefully across the sky yesterday but we weren't in the park for the launch. The Glow was enough for me.


Jamie Willow said...

where's the wizard?! love it :)

Katie Allegretti said...

This sounds so amazing!!!!

The Arnold Family said...

Ahh looks lovely. So fun.

Alli said...

is was so fun...loved it.

that picture of ira & evie is perfect!

Jennalu said...

Awesome Ashley!