Friday, September 4, 2009

Ashley Miller Photography

My friend takes some gorgeous photos. Up until now it's been a hobby...luckily for us, she's turned it into a business! Ashley does a wonderful job. As evidenced by these brilliant photos.

My kids had the privilege of sitting for her a couple of weeks ago and I'm thrilled with how the photos turned out. Aren't they precious?

See more of her work at her website: Ashley Miller Photography
And here's her personal blog: {la buena vida}


Laura said...

Her website is brilliant! And the pictures of the kids are amazing. Evie looks likes a young Heidi Klum. She's definitely a little model.

Andrea said...

I looked at her site a couple weeks ago, sweet shots of your kiddos! they are so cute!

ps- i'll let you know how the camping goes... ;)

a.m. said...

You're so sweet. And the kiddos = best models ever!