Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pregnancy Perk #1

Kindly folks offering a chair.

Sooo...for the record? I'm showing. Already.

Proof positive: While standing and waiting for a table at this yummy pizza joint this weekend a sweet older lady brought me a chair and insisted I sit. Good thing, we waited an entire hour and 35 minutes!

But really? Showing at 9 weeks pregnant? Really??? I look to be a good 15 weeks along. We'll just pretend that's hot instead of scary.

At least the perks are kicking in.


Laura said...

Brilliant. I love it. I love nice old people.

Rae Nolt said...

No worries, Mrs. B. I'm showing at 8 weeks along. I'm super short waisted...and my mom and sister showed early too. :) Enjoying the perks right along with you!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Yes! Just enjoy the perks and don't worry about anything else! Any baby weight will melt off when you nurse, anyway. Yet another perk! :)

Annie said...

you've got 2 in there? TOTALLY KIDDING. But that did happen to two, yes two, people i #3 turned out to be #3 and #4!

Jennalu said...

I thought you may be! Congrats Ashley and Ira! Sweet for number three to come!