Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogging More

Hello, fun friends. I think I'm about ready to start blogging more. I'm getting tired of this Summer weather, getting over a miserable summertime cold and generally disenchanted with the heat and sun itself. I'm ready for the brisk, bright days of Autumn. Thus, more blogging.
Just need a bit of feedback from you. I have these little featurettes that I like to do weekly (I try my darnedest to be prompt with them). Wondering which you like the best. I might only bring back one...I might bring them all back. Depends on my little blogging heart's desire.
So, on the table we have Frivolous Friday, in which I discuss celebrities, fashion and anything frivolous. I also do a Friday Fill-In that day.
Real Life Tuesday is a reader participation game. I post a photo (a dreamy, so-not-real-life photo) and you comment about what the situation is like in real life. Too much fun.
And then there's Floor-Plan Saturday. One I really love but slacked on in the last months. I post a fabulous home floor-plan and we all discuss the pros and cons.
So...I've rigged up a fancy little poll (I love the world wide web!). All ya do is vote. And if you feel like it drop me a comment and rate the three.
My Favorite Star-Crossed Feature

Frivolous Friday
Frivolous Friday
Real Life Tuesdays
Real Life Tuesdays
Floor Plan Saturday
Floor Plan Saturday

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xoxo, My Beauties!
See you in the future.


nathan.kemper said...

I've depressingly missed the Real Life Tuesdays.

There was always good fun with those, even if most of them were far girlier things than I would ever dream of.

Mrs. B. said...

LOL, Nate. I keep forgetting I have men readers! :) Maybe I will post a little something 'mannish' for you...just maybe.

Jamie Willow said...

I adored the Tuesday one...I actually thought about it even when I wasn't sitting at my computer :) so fun!

Annie said...

love real life tuesdays!

Alicia Marie said...

Real Life Tuesdays!!! They are so much fun. I do love frivolous fridays as well... glad you will be blogging more...always a treat to read.

Rae Nolt said...

I'm glad you are going to start blogging more. Missed reading them this summer. Always enjoy your posts. As for me...I like them all...Real Life Tuesday would be my favorite. Hope you feel better soon!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I voted for Frivolous Fridays. It was my People magazine fix, only free!

I have to say, and I appear to be the only one, but I never really "got" the Tuesday one... LOL. I must be a bit slow. Or I never read the first intro one. Anyway, I'm ready to start trying to comprehend... Seems to be a fave!