Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School

I registered for school yesterday. On the schedule: Microbiology and Algebra [insert shrieking horror film scream here].

Not to worry, I'm taking a school break come Spring when baby is due. By the time I return I should be in nursing clinicals instead of just prerequisites! Excited.


Annie said...

i'd take your algebra class over microeconomis anyday! Wanna trade?

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Congratulations on your new baby to be. How fun for your hole family.
My sister and Niece are both working on the Masters right now, so I know how stressful the homework can be. My Niece is also expecting a baby due in Dec.along with working on her Masters.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Mrs. D said...

I'm screaming right along with you .... Math is NOT.MY.THING. I've been pretty much lost since the 5th grade when we were leaning long division .... I never found my way back ... LOL!

Jennalu said...

When do you start classes Ashley? The actual day classes start for me is Monday, but I started reading today. All on line, five classes with twelve credits I think. I wish you well and health during your prenancy!