Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amish + Friendship = Bread

photo: amish america
I got some Amish Friendship Bread starter in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Made my heart warm. It was from this sweet far-away friend.
The smells of cinnamon and rising dough are filling my kitchen now...it's baking day. I'll pass my starter off to this darling near-by friend.
Don't the Amish celebrate friendship in the most perfect way? We're all baking bread from the other on the same days. It's just right.


Katie Beth said...

I love ya, Ash. :) I figured it was only a matter of time before our fab. bread made it on your fab blog. I knew the second I was given a starter, that I was going to send you one.

Jamie Willow said...

unless you are lame like me and get your days all messed up and forget to have flour and sugar on hand...only to find out when you make it all a day late that you actually had flour and sugar the whole time but your husband who likes to reorganize everything all the time moved it on me. yeah.

StephG said...

I was given some starter last year and LOVED it! However, I ended up with so much starter and so much bread and I kept needing to buy more sugar and flour since it used up so much...LOL...it was so delicious though!! Definitely worth the extra $$$ (and the added pounds :D)

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

What a wonderful thing to do! My mom use to make our bread it was the most delish and best smelling food on earth, just coming home from school and smelling the bread rising on the window seal is something I will never forget.
I hope you post a picture of your bread.
Take care and enjoy your day,