Monday, July 13, 2009

This Morning

Blueberry crumble (made with ungodly amounts of butter) and coffee.
A walk around the lake.
Bottled water.

Yay for July.


Jamie Willow said...

I love ungodly amounts of butter. sounds divine!

Michelle said...

LOL - my comment was going to be the same as Jamie's.

I love ungodly amounts of butter, blueberries, and walks around the lake (but probably in that very order)!

YUM :) Cheers to blueberries out our ears in July!

Katie said...

YUH-UM! :) I <3 Blueberries!

Anonymous said...

crumble sounds so good. recipe??
I made pie but its mostly gone.

Sarah said...

Love butter!

Katie said...

I have that same awesome little strainer in pale blue. :) I love it in red, though! Isn't a small strainer the best thing EVER? Perfect for fruit. I'm a nerd about my little strainer.