Thursday, July 16, 2009


Every year, about this time, I start to romanticize the camping experience. The tent, the open fire, roasting hot dogs on a freshly plucked stick. Bugs? What bugs?
Scary bathrooms? What scary bathrooms?
It's all roses for me in July.
Fall? When the yearly camping trip actually comes? That's when it gets realistic.
But lets not get ahead of ourselves. It's still only July...
Here's what I wish camping was:

via {lolita}

adrian briscoe


mary janes farm

debi treloar


Katie said...

I totally would camp in any of those! :)

StephG said...

oh, me too! I wish camping were that "comfy" of, I just took a few days off at the end of August to go camping! Here's to smelling like campfire & bug spray & trying to sleep in a tent with little children in your sleeping bag...LOL

Jennalu said...

I never have gone and Lynda tells me that I am missing out. I think I would love it! I love fires that are controlled! I love the beds Ash! Have a safe trip here!

Lyndee said...

Have you read this month's Mary Janes Farm? They have directions to build your own canvas tent on their website...lovely and in my dreams!

Andrea said...

I'm with you, this kinda camping is right up my alley!

The Arnold Family said...

Those are beautiful pics. Camping would be so nice that way!

Anonymous said...

Let's have Ira build us one in our woods and you can spend the weekends there!

Annie said...

you need to follow this up by posting what camping REALLY is like! we are going for the first time with the kids this year and i am already prepared to get no sleep. why will i do this to myself? i have no idea.