Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Bit o' This, Little Bit o' That

Do you have go-to recipes that are just a little bit o' this and a little bit o' that, mix and serve?
Just whatever sounds yummy, add it to the bare bones recipe and go.
Here's one of mine.

Turkey Pasta Salad

Turkey Tenderloin (sold in the refridg. poultry section), cut up
Pasta Noodles (I love Cavatappi for this, but I have bowtie in the pic)
Grapes (red are prettiest)
Ranch Dressing

That's the bare bones. And with this type of recipe you don't get any fancy amounts or instructions. Just bake the turkey, cook the pasta and put it all in in the amounts that look good to you.

You can add these things to make it a bit more exciting:
Bacon bits, red or green onion, peas or anything else that sounds delish.

Post your own informal recipe and then let me know so I can come and snag it from ya.


Jamie Willow said...

well, it's not as fun...but pretty much make a batch of brown rice and then cut up whatever veggies I have in the fridge at the time and saute them with olive oil and add any old seasoning I have laying around, or salad dressing...or whatever. sometimes I add chicken...depends on what I want...

jek said...

We have one that Nate loves that is very similar to this.

noodles (I tend to use penne but really anything bite size would work)
chicken (or turkey)
grapes (red, of course)
apples (I like green best with this)
And, creamy poppyseed dressing mixed with mayo or miracle whip (if you premix the dressing and add just a little bit of water it mixes into the salad a little easier)

That is one of our summer favorites.

Annie said...

Posted mine!

Alicia Marie said...

I make a "soba" noodle bowl that can have any type of noodle around, i like the real soba (buckwheat) ones, but any will do.

I heat a mixture of soy sauce and orange marmalade together, play with the amount. My hubby likes more soy, less orange taste.

It makes for a delicious sauce that i pour over the noodles with any type of veggies you want to saute. Adding meat is optional as well.

Pretty much anything i have is thrown in and it makes a great asian insprired super easy dinner.