Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fashion a la Jillian

Here's the deal with this blog. It's about the clothes Jill has worn on the past episodes of The Bachelorette. I'm not going to tell you where to find them at full price or cheaper or look-alikes or anything like that. I don't have time for that mumbo-jumbo. I just wanna look. If you want some of these duds for yourself, by all means, click on the photo credit links and help yourself!

First things first. The white, bejewelled (symbolic?) gown from the very first cocktail party and rose ceremony. Breathtaking; and set the bar really high for the rest of the show. Thankfully, she lived up. :)

Here's the fringy black number she wore for the date with Jake. Love the movement of the dress for dancing and those boots? The best.
I'm not sure if she ever worse this get-up on the show but I still like it. The necklace and black tank are a perfect combo.
This one wasn't on the show either (movie premier?) but I found it and she's adorable so I had to post it. Like the color?
Another lovely rose ceremony formal. Drama in gunmetal!

Here it is, the infamous shirt that brought out the worst in creepy Dave...or maybe that was the booze?

This plaid number was probably my least favorite. I'm not big on plaid even if it is trendy. I also didn't like the one laaaarge, purple shirt she wore at one point. (no photo of that)
Here's another of my favorite formals.
Let's throw in a magazine photo shoot. How stinkin' cute?! Ugh...can't handle it.

Bikini + Fedora + cardigan...perfecto!

Another dazzling rose ceremony.

And then came the fantastic procession of ensembles she wore in Spain. The girl was smokin'.

Claiming this one as my very favorite.

Claiming this one as my second very favorite.

An ornate, sparkly cuff for dinner with Ed (probably the winner).
Happy in Hawaii...cute necklace!

Sweet silk hankie maxidress for the most recent rose ceremony with her final two.

And...a sneak peak at Monday night's episode. Beautiful jewels (again, not too ornate but just enough) and another long white dress...again with the unmistakable symbolism.

You favorites?

Photos via: iheartstella,, possessionista,


Jennalu said...

That was a great blog Ashley!

Alicia Marie said...

Gun metal rose ceremony was my fav... I also loved her white shirt/jean skirt with ED on the boat. Simple but so chic...

Fun blog!

p.s... Go Reid :)

Rae Nolt said...

Love this blog! Favorite is the short one piece black outfit. That night...I was so in LOVE with that outfit! But she always looks good!

Jamie Willow said...

she is so stinkin' cute! gosh!