Friday, July 17, 2009

Can't Sleep

joy tyler

And it's making me just a wee bit crazy.


Jamie Willow said...

might I recommend something? Melatonin. I have struggled with sleep much of my life and melatonin works great. It is natural, doesn't leave you tired when you wake and it is gentle so if you need to wake up for something in the night you can with out feeling "drugged".
Sorry you are having trouble sleeping :(

gina said...

My works everytime for me solution is
a long hot bath, 2 cups of sleepytime tea, a dark room and then a wee bit to read to clear the mind. You will be asleep after a few pages.
Hope it works for you.

The Arnold Family said...

Hey girl. I have put a request up on my blog and ask for your participation if you get a chance! :)

Anonymous said...

dad uses melatonin also as Jamie said...I am sure he oculd give you a few if it persists....sorry your having trouble.