Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bosom Friend

I started today feeling useless and unappreciated (can you say, "pity party"?) and then I read my sister-in-law's blog.

You go read it too.

Now, wont that just pick ya right up out of a 'poor me' day and place you on the mountain top?

That Jamie really knows how to warm a girl's heart. Thank you, Jamie.
photo credit: debi treloar


Jamie Willow said...

love you girl..and time I visit we need to eat some of whatever is in that picture you posted! yum! I am seriously craving sugar...sigh...

Lyndee said...

Sugar is the enemy! Remember that sometimes we have to go undercover and hang with the enemy but never believe what is spoken!
Sugar is the enemy!

The Arnold Family said...

I read it and I so agree.

And you two are so blessed to have each other. What a wonderful thing you have found.

Cupcake Mama said...

What a loving and encouraging post - don't you love that God sends things like that (and people too!) just when we need it?
Must admit though...I am seriously jealous because I don't have that kind of relationship with my SIL but desire that very thing. Very thankful that I have the brother I do though and even though his wife doesn't love me like I wish she would, she loves him like I wish she would!

Michelle said...

It's true - great post, Jamie. God really does throw those little (great BIG) things in there to encourage us just when we need it!

I have three FANTASTIC sister-friends, plus two sister. Best thing.