Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best Combos

Mrs. B. + Mr. B. + 6 years
We celebrated our 6 year anniversary on June 27th.
It was our first time at Ruth's Chris steakhouse and we enjoyed it big time.

Little girl piggies + Cold stream
Evie dips her precious feet into a stream at the Botanical Gardens.

French Toast + Blueberries
A breakfast inspired by leftover french bread and summer berry harvest.

Cute baby + Cute cry
Jamie, my sister in law, came for a visit. Her new baby went for his first swim.

Little boys + Climbing trees
Beck found an irresistible tree at the Botanical Gardens.

Little girls + Vibrant roses
Evie takes pleasure in the simple things.

John Legend + Piano + Mic
I took my sister to a John Legend concert for her birthday.
Was the most fabulous concert I've ever been to.

Nieces + Aunties
I asked Evie if she was going to be silly like her Auntie Alli when she grows up.
The answer was a definitive "Yes."

I have had a wonderful couple of weeks.
I feel so blessed.
What are your best combos?


Mrs. W said...

such a cute post! my hubby and i love, love ruth chris! we got engaged there! it's our "special" place.

Alicia Marie said...

Super cute post...

Baby and daddy watering flowers..

Baby and big open mouthed wet kisses for mommy....

Jamie Willow said...

lemon zinger tea and short bread girl scout cookies...ahhhhhh....I wish I had it right now...

Lyndee said...

Oh Ash I made the Peanut Butter Cup "cake" for Suzanne's birthday without a recipe as I couldn't find it on your blog or a link so just winged it. It looked just like yours and we cut it on the day I made it and it seemed crumbly. I had noticed yours seemed that way also when those folks were gobbling it up at Brennen's party. We all had a piece and it was good but today after a night in the fridge it was absolutely great and moist and hung together wonderfully. She took it to work and they loved it! Guess it just needed aging and cooling more! Fun!

The Arnold Family said...

My best combo? Sleep + Watching what I eat. Never happens, but when it does I feel oh so good! Cute post!

Michelle said...

Cute post, I might have to do it, too :)

Coca-Cola + microwave popcorn
My kids + blueberries

Yep, I'll have to do this one.

Katee Grace said...

oh you are so blessed!!! Thanks for sharing these sweet moments and beautiful photographs!
much love + peace to your family! :)