Saturday, July 11, 2009

Berry Pickin'

We took our summery little selves Blueberry picking this week. The perfect day. Bits of cloud and bits of sun, sweet breezes and the shade of blueberry bushes.

My girl was having a fine time with her bucket and swingin' pony tail.

We even tried to dress like blueberries!

My Grandma Sunshine adored every little berry and gave plenty of lectures on the virtues of antioxidants. :)They are pretty gorgeous. And super delish.

I got a bit obsessed with popping those little globes off their branches and ended up with 12 pounds of berries! What's a girl to do with 12 lbs of blueberries?

I think I'll make blueberry sauce for pancakes. And I'm planning a blueberry crisp for after Sunday supper. Freeze the rest and create scones and pies and muffins come Fall?
What are your favorite blueberry recipes? Share!


Jamie Willow said...

I'll have to ask Lance's mom for some recipes. They have a blue berry festival every year...I went last year and enjoyed some tasty blue berry things...

gina said...

Looks like you all had a great time. my grandma had a blueberry grove on her land in Pa. and she made up her own blueberry cake receipe it is a lot of work but mmm good I will have to dig it up and post it.

Cupcake Mama said...

Wishing this was a local wee ones and I LOVE blueberries! We have some b.berry bushes in our garden but they have yet to produce. Our strawberries took two seasons before they took off, so hoping the b.berries are the same way!